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  • Free 60-day Tastecard app membership

    Free 60-day Tastecard app membership

    Norm £14. Gets 2for1 or 50% off 6,000+ restaurants


    If you sign up via this special Tastecard link you can get a totally free 60-day membership (norm £6.99/mth) until 11.59pm on Wed 16 Jan. The freebie's available to everyone who registers and downloads the free Tastecard app, even if you've had a Tastecard membership or free trial before, and you won't need to enter any payment details.

    Important: Tastecard has a separate offer where you pay £1 for a 120-day membership. Yet if you choose this paid option, you'll be auto-enrolled into an annual subscription and charged £39.99 when the free trial ends (you can cancel anytime up to 5pm on the last working day before your renewal date).

    Once registered for the freebie, you'll have access to a digital Tastecard via the Tastecard app - you won't receive a physical card - which entitles you to 2for1 or 50% off at more than 6,000 restaurants across the UK, including many independents as well as major chains such as Pizza Express and Zizzi. See the full list of restaurants on the Tastecard website.

    Some restaurants won't allow you to use a Tastecard at specific times or on certain days of the week (eg, Friday/Saturday evenings), or on occasions such as Valentine's Day.

  • £5 Pizza Express with 90-day Tastecard for £1

    £5 Pizza Express with 90-day Tastecard for £1

    Discount card scheme gets 2for1ish at 6,000+ eateries


    Sign up via this MSE Blagged Tastecard* link before 11.59pm on Tue 17 Apr and you can get a £5 Pizza Express gift card with a 90-day Tastecard membership for £1. Anyone can get it, even those who've had a free trial or paid for a Tastecard before, but it's limited to one per household.

    Tastecard is a discount card scheme that gives your party 50% off or 2for1 at 6,000+ restaurants in the UK, including many independents as well as chains such as Pizza Express, Zizzi and Frankie & Benny's. People have reported issues with Tastecard in the past, but it has assured us this deal with work as per the info below.

    Important: To get this offer, you'll need to enter card details and, unless you cancel your membership before the renewal date printed on your card, you'll automatically be charged £34.99 for an annual subscription (see how to cancel below).

    You can use the Tastecard via the app immediately

    When you sign up you'll get a membership number enabling you to start saving straight away via the Tastecard app. Physical cards can take 5-7 working days to be processed and dispatched, though Tastecard told us it will add extra membership days to account for this and that you should have at least 90 days to use your card once it arrives.

    Free £5 Pizza Express gift card

    Your Pizza Express gift card will arrive in the post with your Tastecard. It'll be valid for one year from the date you signed up, and can be used in conjunction with your Tastecard or any other offer, including the totally free pizza (norm £9-£12ish) you can currently get via the Pizza Express app.

    Are there restrictions on using a Tastecard?

    Some restaurants won't accept Tastecard on certain days of the week (often Fri or Sat), or near occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas, while others may require you to make an advance booking over the telephone, or place a limit on the size of the group that can use the discount. See Tastecard's website for more details.

    How do I cancel my Tastecard membership?

    You can cancel your 90-day membership any time up to the last day (working or non-working) before renewal using this online cancellation form on Tastecard's website. Alternatively, you can cancel by telephone on 0800 5677 241 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) no later than 5pm on the working day preceding your renewal date. Even if you've cancelled early, you'll still be able to use your card until the renewal date.

    We criticised Tastecard in the past for its auto-renewal practices (on a number of deals it made it difficult for people to cancel) - see 'more info' below for how it's addressed our concerns.

    • Here are some of the issues we raised with Tastecard that it says have since been addressed:

      The renewal date for a Tastecard was five days before the expiry date on the card meaning users often missed the cut-off to cancel.

      Tastecard CEO Matt Turner told us: “When we founded Tastecard we gave people 365 days on their membership card and their renewal date matched the expiry date on their card. This caused a large number of complaints because those people renewing (the vast majority of members) had to then wait on average five days to receive their new membership card. During this period they were therefore unable to receive their Tastecard discount. We then added five days to the expiry date on the card but kept the renewal date the same, ensuring that customers had continued access to the Tastecard discount.

      "We have changed the renewal date to match the expiry date on the card. This has caused a number of complaints from customers as they now have to wait for five days again to receive their new card, but now that we have a digital membership we are able to give instructions on how to download and use the membership via the app. This of course does not help people who do not have a smartphone, but in those instances we will always try to call the restaurant and explain on the members’ behalf so that they can benefit from the discount.”

      There was no way for annual members to cancel via Tastecard's website.

      Tastecard told us you can now cancel an annual membership via this online cancellation form on its website. Online cancellations can be made up to 11.59pm on the last day (working or non-working) before renewal.