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  • Greater Anglia train ticket sale – off-peak day returns from £6

    Greater Anglia train ticket sale – off-peak day returns from £6

    Book online for travel up to 11 June


    Want to catch the train from Cambridge to London and back for £12? Or from Colchester to Southend for £18 return? Then you're in luck, because Greater Anglia is having a sale on tickets across its network (see the Greater Anglia map), offering off-peak same-day return fares from as little as £6.

    There's no limit on the number of tickets available, but they have to be for travel on Greater Anglia trains by Tuesday 11 June, and you have to book by 11.59pm on Friday 12 April.

    Travelling with children? You can book up to four aged 5-15 years old for just £2 return each per adult.

    How much can you save?

    Obviously this all comes down to where you're travelling to and from, but here's what we found when we checked on Tuesday 9 April:

    • Great Yarmouth to Norwich: £6 return
    • Cambridge to London: £12 return (normally £25.20, according to Greater Anglia)
    • Colchester to Southend: £18 (normally £30.70, according to Greater Anglia)
    • Chelmsford to Norwich: £24 return (normally £48.70, according to Greater Anglia)
    • Norwich to London: £24 return

    And if you're booking either a single journey or a non-same day return journey due to take place by Tuesday 11 June, it's worth checking if you can save by buying a sale ticket for all or part of your journey instead of an advance ticket, particularly if you're booking at relatively short notice.

    How to bag a sale train ticket

    The sale's online only and exclusive to Greater Anglia, so you'll need to search for discounted tickets using the Greater Anglia website or mobile app.

    They're easy to spot on the website as they're highlighted in pink and are labelled as 'GA Promo - Hare Fare'. On the app, they appear with a 'Cheapest' banner and you'll see 'GA Promo - Hare Fare' when you've chosen your journey. Annoyingly, on the mobile website, you don't get the 'Cheapest' banner, but again you'll see 'GA Promo - Hare Fare' once you've chosen your journey (provided you've chosen a discounted fare, which the cheapest are likely to be).

    Greater Anglia doesn't charge any booking fees, so the price you see is the price you pay.

    Where and when can you travel?

    The sale includes the entire Greater Anglia network, which covers London, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk – for more info see the Greater Anglia network map.

    But it DOESN'T include Greater Anglia journeys that take place wholly within the Oyster pay-as-you-go area in London or Stansted Express services between London, Stratford, Tottenham Hale and Stansted Airport.

    Sale tickets are off-peak day returns, which are fairly flexible – you can take any train on a Saturday and Sunday, and most trains on weekdays – but obviously you have to come back the same day.

    If you're travelling on a weekday, here's how off-peak tickets on Greater Anglia work:

    • The earliest you can arrive in London is 10am
    • The earliest you can depart London is 9.30am
    • The earliest you can depart from a station outside London is 8.45am
    • Evening peak restrictions only apply between London and Ipswich from 4.31pm to 6.34pm, but not in the school holidays (Tuesday 2 April-Friday 12 April and Tuesday 28 May-Friday 31 May)

    For more info on when off-peak tickets are valid, see the Greater Anglia website.

  • 1,000s of ex-high-street clothes, shoes and accessories for under £6

    1,000s of ex-high-street clothes, shoes and accessories for under £6

    Via code that gets 10% off and free delivery at Everything5pounds


    Online retailer* usually sells clothes, shoes, and bags discounted to £5(ish) each, and accessories from £1. It sources unsold stock from top high-street and online brands – MoneySavers have told us they've seen M&S, Topshop, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, and New Look goods – and other unbranded items direct from manufacturers.

    Enter the code MSEAPRIL at the checkout by 11.59pm on Sunday 14 April and you'll get 10% off, plus free standard delivery (normally £3.95+ for orders under £25).

    The code will work on any item on the site, including its clothing sale*, which is mostly summer clothes from £1.50. There's also a beauty sale*, with items such as lipstick and hair ties reduced, and you can use the code on this sale too.

    Note: At the checkout you'll be shown the standard delivery charge under 'Delivery options', but the 'Total' price you see should exclude delivery as it's free with our code.

    We found the following clothing examples with a decent range of sizes available on Tuesday 9 April:

    How to get high-street branded clothing every time

    Usually, you won’t know in advance if what you'll get is branded and most items will come de-tagged, so if you only want branded items, which could normally cost up to £50 each, it can be a bit of a game to find them (see 'More info' below) – but as you can see from the image below, they're not always that well disguised.

    Everything5pounds has a High Street Brands section* where you can find a selection of items which it says are only items from high-street brands – though you still won't be told which brand it is you're buying.

    Some trousers with a 'hidden' brand MSE Rhiannon previously bought

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    Spring is here, and you may be looking to replace worn-out or unsuitable items in your wardrobe, so if there's something you've been waiting to replace, this could be a cheaper way of doing it. It's the time of year when many people think of jetting off to warmer climes, so if you're going on holiday in the next few weeks this could be a way to grab a full outfit at a discount.

    • What's feedback like – what do you actually get?

      If you're worried about its legitimacy, Everything5pounds told us: "All our branded items are real. We don't sell fake items or knock-offs. We do sell similar items but they would never contain the brand logo/name."

      It’s not guaranteed everything you pick will be from a well-known brand or store and if it is, it may have the tags clipped or otherwise marked to prevent returns to the original store.

      Everything5pounds told us: "Branded and non-branded stock varies depending on what we are able to buy and time of year. There is never a set amount but there is always something. We deal with loads of suppliers so it can be extremely varied at times."

      Before I buy, is there a way I can work out where the items are from?

      You won't be told where an item is from online but it's worth checking the photos closely – sometimes you can see a logo or other branding which can tip you off. It's also worth checking the reviews – they won't mention the actual retailer, but often say the item's from a "well-known store". You may even recognise the item from the high street.

      Are the non-branded items any good?

      Feedback has been generally positive and as MoneySavers know, branded doesn't always mean better. In 2019, we put this to the test and asked 10+ people at MSE Towers whether they could tell the difference between a selection of branded items from with the labels cut out and non-branded – most said they'd be happy with either.

      The odd item could smell like it had been kept in storage, but nothing a quick wash wouldn’t sort out. It’s always worth checking the comments online next to each item as often you’ll find feedback on the quality as well as tips on sizing.

      Can I send my items back?

      If you return an item because it's not to your liking, you'll get a refund but you'll have to pay delivery to get it back to However, if an item is sent in error (for example, size different than your order) or faulty, you'll be sent a pre-paid returns label. If you have any problems, you can contact customer services at or give them a call on 0208 997 3331.

      Warning: The website is NOT affiliated with  don't get confused. is the site that we are covering here.