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  • Wuntu deals for Three mobile customers

    Wuntu deals for Three mobile customers

    Download free app to access weekly discounts, rewards etc, eg, free coffee

    Wuntu deals for Three mobile customers
    MSE Update: Three has announced that it will close Wuntu at 11.55pm on Sun 15 Dec. See Three to scrap Wuntu rewards app for more info.
    Wuntu is a free smartphone app for Three customers - it works a lot like O2 Priority.

    If you've got a smartphone on the mobile network Three, you can download a free app called Wuntu (Wuntu Three, geddit?).

    Register on the app and it'll show you a mix of discounts, freebies, rewards and competitions that change every Thursday. It works a lot like O2 Priority but is only available to Three customers.

    Instead of us explaining the ins-and-outs here, it's probably much easier if you simply download the app and give it a try.

    Examples of what we've seen free in the past include free Costa Coffee drinks, discounts on National Express coaches, and £5 free to spend at the Google Play store.

    The idea is then to check the app every week, swiping through various offers and rewards until you see something you want. Claiming a reward is usually as straightforward as tapping the screen to get a code.


    This deal has expired - you can't get it any more. We've kept it here for reference.

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  • ALL GONE: Free Three Sim & 500MB data to use abroad

    ALL GONE: Free Three Sim & 500MB data to use abroad

    Get online for free in 16 destinations (incl France, Australia & USA)


    MSE Update 3.42pm Thu 12 Mar: All 4,000 free Sim cards have now been claimed. If you missed out on this one, make sure you sign up to our weekly email to hear first about other fab freebies.

    If you're planning on using your mobile abroad, you can get a free pay-as-you-go Sim card from mobile network Three with an allowance of 500MB of data pre-loaded (no calls or texts), which you can use to get online in the UK and 16 destinations - including the USA, Australia and France (and Spain from April).

    The free 500MB allowance can be used until Mon 31 Aug or for 30 days after you activate your Sim (whichever's first), so wait until just before you go away to activate it. It'll work in any 3G or 4G phone as long as it's unlocked or locked to Three (see our unlocking guide).

    There are only 4,000 available and it's first come first served, so go quick. This deal will work out best for people who aren't on Three but are travelling to one of its 'Feel at Home' destinations (see below). It's not generally aimed at people using it in the UK on a day-to-day basis.

    How do I get it?

    As the weekly email goes out to more than 10 million people, we're setting the special link live at 2.30pm on Thu 12 Mar to give everyone a fair chance (just fill in your details on the order form when it's live).

    Where can I use it?

    You can use it in all of Three's 'Feel at Home' destinations: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Macau, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and the UK. From April, you'll be able to use it in New Zealand and Spain too.

    If you use the Sim anywhere else, you'll be charged Three's standard roaming charges for that destination.


    How does it work?

    Once you've got the free Sim card, pop it in your phone before you leave the UK to activate it. You can start using your allowance straight away.

    When your free 500MB allowance is gone, you'll be sent a text and will need to buy more data if you want to keep using it (minimum £10 top-up). If you haven't used all of your data by 31 Aug - or within 30 days of when you activated the Sim - it will expire and you'll have to top-up to stay online. It's a pay-as-you-go Sim card, so there's no danger of running up high bills unexpectedly.

    To be able to buy top-ups abroad, you need to register your card details with Three before leaving the UK.

    Is it worth using this for data once the free 500MB runs out?

    If you're roaming in one of the 16 destinations, using this free Sim is likely to work out better for you than your own network provider. The cheapest Three add-on is £5 for 500MB of data, which compares favourably with EE (£5 for 100MB in Europe), while O2 charges a staggering £120 for a 200MB bundle in the USA, which makes Three great value. It even compares well to a prepaid Dataroam Sim (£37 for 500MB, £5 for the Sim).

    It's not worth using this free Sim outside of the included destinations, as Three charges up to £6/MB in some places - generally no cheaper than other networks. 

    Is it worth using this for calls and texts abroad?

    To make calls or texts from your Three sim, you can buy a £10 add-on from Three that gives you 500MB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 3,000 texts to use in the same 16 destinations.

    If you're making calls and sending texts back to the UK, or a UK mobile (note they may be charged to receive the call), this will work out cheaper than most other networks. For example, EE charges £1/min and 40p per text from Australia to the UK.

    Is it worth using in the UK?

    As far as pay-as-you-go Sims go, Three's is good value if you're using it only occasionally as its pay-as-you-go rates are competitive. However, if you're going to use it a lot, a cheap sim-only deal like GiffGaff (£10 for 500 minutes, 1GB of data and unlimited texts) might give you better value for money.

    • The Sim card won't work in a tablet or dongle. If you've already got a phone on Three's network, you don't necessarily need one of these free Sim cards as your handset will already be set up to use your allowance abroad at no extra cost in the countries listed above. If you're on pay-as-you-go, just convert your credit into an add-on. For full details of Three’s Feel At Home, please visit Three's website.

      How much can I do with 500MB?

      With a 500MB data allowance, you should be able to check your emails, social media and browse the web without worrying about running out before the end of a one to two-week holiday. Certain things we do online - like watching videos or making video calls - use a lot more data, so bear this in mind.