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  • If you're doing 'Veganuary' this year, have been vegan for ages, or you simply want to eat less meat and dairy but don't have a lot of time for cooking, this offer might be for you.

    Use the MSE Blagged code MSE35 at vegan sustainable ready meal company Vibrant Vegan*, and you can get 35% off its 'Protein Power' six-meal box, making it £23.40 delivered (norm £36) until 11.59pm on Tue 21 Jan or when all 1,000 codes go. 

    This is a one-off payment with no subscription - click 'just buy once' on the right under the three pink circles, then 'Discount or Voucher Code' on the right under the yellow box.

    Each meal is normally £6, but with our code it works out at £3.90 each. The next cheapest similar vegan ready meal we could find - at supermarkets, in plastic non-recyclable packaging - is £4 from Tesco. Yet there’s also the convenience factor of these meals being delivered to your door, and the taste factor as MSE Rhiannon found, "they don't taste like cardboard".

    The meals included in this offer are:

    • 'Tokyo Chick'n Katsu'
    • 'Diavolo No-Meatball Bolognaise'
    • 'Hearty Persian Hotbox'
    • 'Rainbow Falafels'
    • 'Samba Stew'
    • 'Tofu Sriracha No-Meatballs'

    All meals are vegan, but some contain gluten, peanuts and other allergens so be sure to check the website if you have any allergies or intolerance. All the ingredients are listed on the page linked above.

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    As part of my ever-so-difficult job here at MSE Towers, I gave a few of these meals a try in the name of research. As a vegan of 13 years who spends a lot of time in Japan, the meal I tried first was the 'Chick'n' katsu curry made from wheat gluten. The taste was really authentic and I thought the portion size (I tend to have a big appetite!) was just about right. The only meal I struggled to eat had a lot of coriander... my least favourite leaf!

    Although you might be able to get vegan ready meals at a similar price in the supermarket, they can sometimes taste a bit like cardboard to me - these don't in my opinion. For a ready meal to be vegan, locally sourced, and shipped carbon neutral in reusable packaging in a compostable/recyclable packet, is rare. So while it's hard to find a direct comparison, I reckon this is a good deal and worth the extra money if your budget will stretch to it.

    • Sustainable ready meals? How does that work?

      Vibrant Vegan sources all its ingredients locally, with meals made in south-east London. You can return the box that your frozen meals are shipped in - including the freezer bag - to be reused for free via a Collect+ sticker inside your delivery. Simply take it to a Collect+ location (find your nearest). The initial shipping is also carbon neutral.

      The packaging of the meal itself is made from sustainable sugarcane and can be composted or added to your food waste recycling box. The plastic film and cardboard sleeve can both be recycled in your curbside recycling - but do check your council take these items first.