Department store Debenhams has reported a surge in the number of jackets sold with multiple pockets, as holidaymakers look to beat high airline baggage charges.

The retailer has seen sales of such coats rise by 350% over the summer holiday period (see the Budget Flight Fee-Fighting guide).

We revealed last month the availability of a 22-pocket jacket (Martin Lewis pictured in one, right) from US travel clothing store Scottevest

These can be stuffed with clothes and other items to beat the huge charges (see the Fee-beating airline jacket MSE News story).

It can cost up to £100 per bag for a return trip on Ryanair if you fail to book your baggage online (up to £60 online).

Carie Barkhuizen, from Debenhams, says: "It's traveling light like we have never seen before.

"Our sales assistants have even reported some customers coming in with specific items like netbooks and paperbacks, to check if they fit in the pockets before they buy."

Cut luggage fees

Most budget airline passengers get a hand luggage allowance of around 10kg or as much as they can get into a small bag, so ensure you use that up before placing bags in the hold. And always make those bookings online as you'll pay far more at the airport.

You'll also pay dearly for going over the luggage limit. Ryanair, for instance, charges £20 per excess kilo.

There are a multitude of other budget airline fees to avoid such as check-in, payment and insurance charges (see the Budget Flight Fee-Fighting guide for details).

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