Consumers might only have hours left to switch to one of the top online energy deals.

The EDF Online Saver 7 tariff tops the tables for many and offers a £100 welcome bonus. It's recently been pulled from comparison sites and is now only available direct from the company.

While EDF's site says it's on until 31 December we understand it's likely to disappear soon, possibly today (see the Cheap Gas & Electricity guide).

The tariff, which promises to stay 2% under standard prices until 31 December 2011, costs on average £967/year but with the cashback it's £867/year. This compares to the next best deal, according to comparison site, at a typical £938 a year from First Utility.

The offer was due to be pulled last week but was extended at the eleventh hour.

Is it good for you?

While on average it's a top deal, whether it's good for you depends on your postcode and energy use so it's crucial to do a comparison first.

As the comparison sites are no longer listing the Online Saver 7 tariff, you'll have to compare a direct quote from EDF with the comparison site results.

Price hikes

Three of the big six energy suppliers have now hiked prices, including British Gas whose 7% gas and electricity increases kick in tomorrow. Plus, heavy winter bills mean people should urgently check to see if they can save by switching and possibly slash £300 off energy bills.

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