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Economy shrinks by 0.2%

The UK's economy suffered a worse-than-expected 0.2% contraction in the final quarter of 2011

25 January 2012

Households on cheap fixed energy plans 'are winners'

Households who took out a cheap fixed price energy deal last summer are likely to be quids in despite recent price cuts

24 January 2012

Government shrugs off Lords benefits defeat

Coalition plans to cap benefits will be implemented

24 January 2012

22-year wait for low earners to buy first home

Low earners will not see disposable income approach pre-recession levels until 2020 at best, a report warns

23 January 2012

Primus increases home phone charges

The hikes, which came into force last Sunday, include rises in costs to call landlines, mobiles and internationally

20 January 2012

Petrol prices set to rise further, says AA

The price of petrol and diesel at the pumps has already risen this year and could yet rise further

20 January 2012

'Why the solar subsidy cuts are so damaging'

Charity Friends of the Earth explains why it's such a critic of government plans to cut solar benefits at short notice

20 January 2012

Car insurance up 50% in two years

The cost of motor insurance jumped by 15.3% in 2011, on top of the 33.2% rise reported in 2010

19 January 2012

Virgin Media to boost broadband speeds

Four million Virgin Media customers who get broadband via cable will get faster interest speeds for free

19 January 2012

Millions cut back on food bills

More than a third of people have reduced their food spending in the last year to help cover their rent or mortgage

19 January 2012

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