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End 'rip off' charges, says Ed Miliband

The Labour leader says the Government should intervene on exorbitant charges for savings, holidays, banking and parking

18 January 2012

Santander to double overdraft charges

Santander will hike overdraft charges in March in a bitter blow to its five million current account users

18 January 2012

Maths PhD student can't comprehend complicated bank charges

Consumers using unauthorised overdrafts find it virtually impossible to calculate how much their bank would charge them

17 January 2012

Scottish Power to cut gas prices by 5%

Scottish Power has become the last of the big six energy companies to announce reductions in the price of tariffs

17 January 2012

Price cuts trigger inflation fall

A raft of high-street promotions in the run-up to Christmas triggered the largest drop in inflation in nearly three years

17 January 2012

Prime Minister responds on financial education in schools

David Cameron has replied to Martin Lewis's open letter on ensuring kids are given money lessons

17 January 2012

Eon to cut electricity bills by 6%

Eon today became the latest energy supplier to cut prices when it announced a 6% fall in electricity bills

16 January 2012

Mortgage payments 'more affordable'

Mortgage payments for new borrowers have reached their most affordable levels for 14 years, says Halifax

16 January 2012

Easyjet ends fee-free bookings as it now charges for Visa Electron

Easyjet passengers will no longer be able to beat booking fees with a Visa Electron card.

13 January 2012

MPs call for stronger financial regulation

The new system of financial regulation must not repeat the 'shortcomings' of the Financial Services Authority say MPs

13 January 2012

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