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'Just been charged £183 for one call via 118 118' – that's more than a sex line

The firm 118 118's adverts once gave the nation a great giggle – yet its rip-off prices are no laughing matter

20 February 2015

Hopes of £1/litre petrol fading as prices start to rise again

The price of petrol at the pumps is slowly creeping up again, dashing motorists' hopes of an average price of £1/litre

20 February 2015

Energy customers 'pay too much' - but MSE has said this for years

Customers of the big six energy suppliers are paying up to £234 a year too much for their gas and electricity bills

18 February 2015

Mortgage rates at historic lows – can you save?

Many people can slash £1,000's a year off their mortgage costs, so everyone should check if they can save now

18 February 2015

Is The Big Deal's collective switch worth it?

The Big Deal has partnered with The Sun to launch a collective energy switch, but is it worth switching to?

17 February 2015

Did you get engaged on Valentine's Day? Don't forget to insure your ring

Without insurance and an up-to-date valuation, you could be at risk of not being able to claim

17 February 2015

Spark to give £250K to Citizens Advice after 'serious breaches'

An Ofgem investigation found that Spark Energy breached switching rules and complaints handling regulations

16 February 2015

New insurance laws will stop insurers wriggling out of claims

The Insurance Act 2015 will help stop insurers unfairly rejecting customers' claims due to wrong information given

16 February 2015

Been charged for unwanted Amazon Prime? Here's how to cancel

We've seen scores of complaints from confused shoppers whose accounts have been debited £79 by Amazon

16 February 2015

Does Santander 123's 3% interest beat a cash ISA?

ISA season is nearly upon us, so should you open one? Or should you save in an interest paying bank account instead?

16 February 2015

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