Virgin Money has boosted its credit card range today, launching a limited-time offer for customers taking out new cards to get a free case of wine worth £50.

This offer has launched across most of Virgin Money's credit card range, including all of its balance transfer cards, though it's not as straightforward as just applying for the card and being sent the case of wine.

New cardholders will have to make £1,000-worth of either purchases, balance transfers or money transfers to qualify.

We've a full Q&A on the deal, and which cards in the Virgin Money range might be best for you:

Who's eligible for the deal?

Anyone opening a new Virgin Money credit card from its selection of cards between 6 August and 20 August 2015 can get the offer.

Virgin Money has clarified that it doesn't matter if you already have an existing Virgin Money credit card, you'll qualify for the offer provided you're accepted for another card with it (though acceptance will depend on its credit scoring process).

Not all of Virgin Money's credit card range carries the offer (see below for more on this), so ensure you pick a card that has the wine offer included.

How do I get the offer?

To get the offer you need to apply for one of Virgin Money's credit cards that is part of this offer – you can do this using the links below (or directly on Virgin Money's site).

If you're accepted (and you can check your chances before you apply with our eligibility calculators), then you need to make transactions worth £1,000 or more on the card within 60 days of account opening (so you'll have less time than this once the card actually arrives).

The £1,000 can be made up of normal spending, balance transfers or money transfers, or a combination of the three.

Once you've hit the trigger amount, you'll be eligible to receive the case of wine.

What exactly will l get?

You'll get a free case of wine with six bottles in it. You're able to choose from a case of red, a case of white, or a mixed case, though the wines in the case are pre-selected.

Once you have made the £1,000 of spending or balance/money transfers to qualify for the offer, you'll be sent a voucher code by email within 14 days. You then need to redeem the voucher on the Virgin Wines website by 31 December. Delivery of the case is free.

As with any alcoholic beverage, please be drinkaware.

Which credit cards has Virgin Money added the wine deal to?

Virgin Money has added the deal to its entire range of balance transfer credit cards, as well as its market-leading all-rounder card, which offers 24 months 0% on spending, balance transfers and money transfers. The deal is not available on its prepaid cards, or either of its airmiles cards.

Which card you should go for depends on what you need it for.

I have expensive debt on other cards. Which card is best for me?

As mentioned above, Virgin Money has added the wine offer to its entire balance transfer range, so there's a choice. Almost all of Virgin Money's balance transfer cards make it into our best buys, though only one is an absolute top pick at its 0% length and fee level.

This is Virgin Money's 24 month 0% card*. It allows you to transfer debts from other cards to this one for a fee of 1% of the amount transferred. It's also a top pick card in our purchases and money transfer sections below, so if you need to combine spending and transfers to hit the £1,000 trigger, this is likely the best card for you.

However, Virgin Money does have other balance transfer offers, and if you can't pay it off within 24 months, then it's usually better to go for a card with a longer 0% period but a higher fee than it is to pay interest once the 0% has expired. Pick the cheapest card for the time you're sure you can pay it off in, meaning you minimise both the balance transfer fee and the interest you pay.

Use our balance transfer eligibility calculator before you apply to see if you're able to get these cards.

Virgin Money balance transfer cards included in the wine offer

Card offer One-off fee (i) Cost to transfer £1,000 (ii) Rep. APR after 0% period
Virgin Money 18mths 0%* 0.75% £7.50 18.9%
Virgin Money 24mths 0%* 1% £10 18.9% (iii)
Virgin Money 26mths 0%* 1.25% £12.50 18.9%
Virgin Money 32mths 0% 1.75% £17.50 18.9%
Virgin Money 34mths 0%* 2.25% £22.50 18.9%
Virgin Money 36mths 0%* 2.5% £25 18.9%
(i) % of the amount transferred. (ii) Amount of debt transfer needed to trigger the wine offer, though if your credit limit is higher, you can usually transfer debt to 95% of its value. (iii) 20.9% on balance transfers. All other cards listed are 18.9% on balance transfers.

Full help and options in Best Balance Transfers and (APR Examples).

'Free' case of wine with Virgin Money credit cards
Virgin Money offers 'free' case of wine on its credit cards: Is the offer any good?

I'm making a big purchase, but I can't pay it off immediately. Is there a card for me?

Virgin Money has just one card which offers 0% on purchases, but, it gives you a full two years at 0%.

This is the same all-rounder card* as mentioned above. If you just want to use it for a budgeted for, planned purchase, you can. But, as above, ensure you clear the card within the 0% period or you'll be charged 18.9% rep APR on any debt still owed.

Before you apply, check your chances of getting this card with our eligibility calculator. You can also see more details and other options in Best 0% Credit Cards.

I need to buy something, but I can't use a card. Is there still a way to do this?

There is. Virgin Money's balance transfer card range and the all-rounder also gives you the ability to do a money transfer. This is where you tell the card company to transfer cash from the card into your bank account, meaning the cash is available to spend, and you owe the card instead. There's a one-off fee which is a small percentage of the amount transferred, to do this.

This is a complicated process, so read our Money Transfers guide first to make sure you understand it and that it's right for you.

Two of Virgin Money's cards stand out if you want to do this. The Virgin 36mth 0% card* is the joint longest on the market. It has a 4% fee to transfer, which can be beaten, but for transfers over £5,000 it comes out on top when the value of the wine is taken into account.

If you can pay the card back more quickly, Virgin's 24mth 0%* all rounder card is the cheapest money transfer card on the market, with a fee of just 1.9%. Both these cards also offer balance transfers too (see above for the details of the balance transfer fees)

Before applying for either of these cards, check your chances of getting them with our eligibility calculator. And, while these cards are both 18.9% rep APR, you'll pay 22.9% on any money transfer debt left over.

How much will this whole deal cost me?

If you get a card that's 0% on spending, and pay the entire £1,000+ balance back within the 0% period, then you will effectively get the wine for free.

If you're transferring debt, the cost will depend on which card you go for, and how much debt you transfer. If we assume you pick the best buy all-rounder card, and transfer a balance of £1,000 to it to trigger the offer, then you'll need to pay a £10 balance transfer fee, and the wine's then thrown in 'free'.

The more debt you transfer, the higher the fee you will pay.

What do I need to watch out for?

As with all card deals, ensure you pay at least the minimum every month. Just because a deal is at 0% doesn't mean there's nothing to pay. Plus, don't bust your credit limit. Breaking either of these rules means you won't get the wine voucher, and you'll be hit with penalty charges of £9 a time.

Don't ever use these cards for withdrawing cash either. It's not at the cheap rate and will be recorded on your credit file.

Finally, with all the cards above, ensure you clear the card or balance transfer again before the 0% ends, or the rate rockets to 18.9% rep APR. You may pay an even higher rate than this on any balance transfer or money transfer debt left over.