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Tax-Free Childcare delayed for older children after website chaos

The Government's flagship new Tax-Free Childcare scheme will open to parents of kids under six next week

16 November 2017

Cash Converters website hit by breach

Pawnbroking company Cash Converters has warned customers about a data breach on its old website

16 November 2017

Four in 10 workers have had no pay rise in the last year, poll of MSE users finds

Forty-one per cent of those in work have not had a pay rise in the past year, according to a new poll of MSE users

15 November 2017

Energy supplier Bulb doubles its referral bonus to £100 until Monday

Bulb is doubling its referral bonus this week, offering £100 bill credit each to the new and the existing customer

15 November 2017

Amazon delivery overhaul - is yours still free?

A change to Prime Now means you now have to spend more to get free delivery

14 November 2017

Martin to fund first-ever personal finance textbook for schools

Half a million financial education textbooks will be given to English schools in an initiative funded by Martin

14 November 2017

Old £10 notes to be withdrawn in March

The Bank of England is officially withdrawing old £10 notes on 1 March next year

14 November 2017

Increase in debts passed to bailiffs by local authorities - here's what you need to know

The number of debts passed to bailiffs by local authorities in England and Wales has jumped 14% in two years

14 November 2017

Flying while pregnant? Check the rules if you book a flight home with another airline

A mum-to-be missed her flight home after Jet2 refused her doctor's note as she had flown out with another airline

13 November 2017

Ofgem to cap charges for force-fitting prepayment meters

Regulator Ofgem is introducing rules to cap costs for customers who are forced to have prepayment meters

10 November 2017