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Lost money to a scam involving a Western Union wire transfer? You can now claim a refund from the US

Fraud victims who paid money to scammers via Western Union wire transfers over a 13-year period can now try for refunds

30 November 2017

'Google you owe us': Legal challenge launched on behalf of millions of iPhone users

A consumer campaign group is today launching an unprecedented legal action against Google

30 November 2017

Food labelling shake-up 'to save shoppers £1 billion' - are you keeping the right fruit and veg in the fridge?

New food labelling guidance that could save shoppers £1 billion a year has been published today

29 November 2017

Competition watchdog to take action against ticket resale websites

The competition watchdog has today announced that it will take enforcement action against secondary ticketing websites

28 November 2017

New advice service launched for those with mental health and debt problems

The charity Mental Health UK has set up a new debt advice service for those with money and mental health problems

28 November 2017

Guest Comment: Why we need to talk about debt and money in our relationships

Chris Sherwood, chief executive of Relate, explains what the charity has learned from its recent research

28 November 2017

Citizens Advice issues warning over unwanted subscriptions

Many consumers are facing huge difficulties trying to cancel unwanted subscriptions such as gym memberships

27 November 2017

Revealed: Trick to use the 16-25 Railcard to save £100s on your commute (and it'll work for the 26-30 Railcard too)

Commuters on some routes can use a 16-25 Railcard to save up to £700 on a year's train travel

24 November 2017

Lloyds and Halifax customers left without 'balance low' text alerts as overdraft changes kick in

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland have stopped sending customers text alerts warning about their balance

24 November 2017

Rise in household bills slowing, MSE Bills Tracker shows

The rate at which household bills and expenses are increasing has slowed, according to our MSE Bills Tracker

23 November 2017