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Top Clubcard offer suspended AGAIN weeks before it's set to be scrapped

Tesco's popular Clubcard offer with train-booking website RedSpottedHanky has been suspended for the second time, with just a few weeks to go until it's set to be scrapped for good – and there's no clear timeframe on when it will be back. 

Update 8 January: The RedSpottedHanky offer now appears to be working on the Clubcard website.

Prior to the suspension, RedSpottedHanky was our top-pick Clubcard offer as it allowed customers to swap Clubcard vouchers for three times their value and so offered a rare discount on train tickets. 

In September revealed that Clubcard would be ending the partnership on 31 January this year.

But with just a few weeks left to swap the vouchers, the deal has been listed as unavailable on the Clubcard website for at least the last 11 days. It's the second time the offer has been unavailable, after we reported Tesco had suspended the deal in late November.  

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What's happened to the deal?

On 3 December, Tesco told customers the RedSpottedHanky deal was working again, but since mid-December customers have been reporting on Twitter that the deal has been unavailable.

On 24 December Tesco said on its Twitter account that it was set to be back around 3 January, but Tesco is now refusing to say when the deal will return – although it says it's working to bring it back "as soon as possible". 

A customer service agent from RedSpottedHanky told us that while there is no exact timeline for when the deal will be back, it hopes it will be in the next couple of days. 

We've asked Tesco if there are any plans to extend the partnership for customers who have been unable to use the RedSpottedHanky deal, and will update this story if we hear back. 

'I wanted to use my vouchers before the deal ends'

Clubcard customers who'd planned to use the deal before it's set to expire have expressed their frustration on social media. Here are some examples:

What does Tesco say?

A Tesco spokesperson said: "RedSpottedHanky is currently unavailable and we're working with the partner to bring the product back as soon as possible."

RedSpottedHanky declined to comment. 

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