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GHD customers charged multiple times for Black Friday orders

Customers of haircare company GHD have reported being charged up to 11 times for online orders after its website crashed on Black Friday

5 December 2019

Netflix gets rid of its 30-day free trials

Streaming heavyweight Netflix has got rid of the 30-day free trial period it offers for new customers, can reveal

4 December 2019

Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers

One of the most complained-about adverts of the year – from food delivery service Deliveroo – has been banned by the advertising regulator

4 December 2019

HSBC to hike overdraft fees from March

All HSBC customers will see their arranged overdraft interest rates shoot up from next March, following a similar move from Nationwide earlier this year

4 December 2019

NatWest to trial fingerprint payment fob

NatWest has given 250 customers a 'fingerprint payment fob' as part of a three-month trial, allowing them to spend up to £100 on each contactless payment

4 December 2019

Homeowners remortgaging on Fridays or at weekends face £100+ in extra costs

Thousands of homeowners who remortgage to new lenders are paying extra cash as their old deals end on a Friday, Saturday or bank holiday

4 December 2019

GPs 'missing critical opportunity' to help people with mental illness avoid financial problems

Healthcare professionals have a "crucial role" in helping people with mental health problems avoid financial difficulties, according to a new report – but many patients aren't being offered this support

3 December 2019

Payday lender 247Moneybox collapses

Payday loans provider 247Moneybox has collapsed into administration and will no longer be offering loans

2 December 2019

Rail fares to increase by an average of 2.7% from January

Train ticket prices across Britain are set to increase by an average of 2.7% in the New Year

2 December 2019

NatWest launches app-only bank account Bó – but is it any good?

NatWest has launched an app-only bank account named Bo, offering built-in budgeting features and an eye-catching yellow card

29 November 2019