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Swap Avios to Nectar before 16 November as the value of points is set to plummet - here's what you need to know

If you collect Avios and were planning to convert your rewards currency into Nectar points, you should do so before 16 November when the value of the conversion is set to plummet. Below we explain what's changing, and what you can do about it. 

You can also read our Loyalty Points Boosting guide on how Nectar works, and see our 31 tricks to boost and max Avios, which is the underlying points currency for the British Airways and other frequent flyer schemes.

You'll need more Avios to swap to Nectar points from 16 November

From 16 November, you'll need to swap 300 Avios to earn 400 Nectar points. Currently, you can swap 250 Avios to earn the same 400 Nectar points. 

The exchange rate isn't, however, changing for those who swap Nectar points into Avios. Here, 400 Nectar points will continue to be worth 250 Avios. 

The shake-up to the partnership is the first since the frequent flyer scheme teamed up with Nectar in January 2021 following the end of its previous partnership with Tesco Clubcard. 

Helen Saxon, deputy editor at MoneySavingExpert, said: "This will be a blow for people who want to swap unused Avios for Nectar points, especially if they're using those points at Sainsbury's to help cut the costs of ever-rising food bills.

"Yet there is a window until 16 November to swap Avios for Nectar at the current rates – so there's no excuse not to sort it now."

How to convert Avios to Nectar and vice versa

Here's how to convert Avios into Nectar points, or Nectar points into Avios:

  • First, your Avios and Nectar accounts must be linked. If they're not already, you must visit either the Executive Club Exchange or the Nectar website and select "Link your account". 

  • Then you'll need to decide how many points to convert - though there are limits. Avios can currently only be converted into Nectar points in increments of 250 Avios (increasing to 300 Avios from 16 November), while Nectar points can only be converted into Avios in increments of 400 Nectar points.

  • You can then either manually convert points, or set-up an automatic conversion. 
    - To manually convert points, select "Convert your points". Be aware that you can only manually swap a maximum of 50,000 Avios (increasing to 50,100 Avios from 16 November) (and/or 80,000 Nectar points) in any one calendar month.

    - To auto-convert points, select "Opt in to automatic conversion". This will require your date of birth and email validation. The cap on automatic conversions is 25,000 Avios (and/or 40,000 Nectar points) per calendar quarter (so from 1 October to 31 December, for example). 

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