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Don't fall for mobile firms pushing high-data deals - most users need LESS than 3GB a month

Around two-thirds of mobile phone customers use less than 3GB of data every month, a MoneySavingExpert has shown

9 February 2018

Broadband users to get automatic compensation for outages

Broadband firms will have to repair faults and perform installations quicker and pay automatic refunds under Ofcom plans

25 February 2016

Three's 4G service set for December, as O2 and Vodafone launch today

Mobile giant Three plans to offer its superfast 4G service from December, as O2 and Vodafone launch their services today

29 August 2013

Vodafone launches 4G tariffs with Sky Sports and Spotify

Mobile giant Vodafone will launch its superfast 4G service on 29 August with tariffs starting from £26/month

7 August 2013

O2 to launch superfast 4G network, but not for iPhone 5

O2 opens its 4G network from 29 August - but customers won't be able to use iPhone 5s on the new service

1 August 2013

EE's 4G 'promotion' could see iPhone buyers pay more

The mobile giant is cutting the cost for low users by £5/month for a limited time, but is increasing the cost of phones

23 January 2013

Superfast 4G launches today

EE's range of 4G mobile phone products and services goes live in 11 cities nationwide today

30 October 2012

EE reveals 4G mobile prices... which aren't cheap

Mobile users who want to use the new superfast 4G mobile network face steeper costs when it launches next week

23 October 2012

UK's first 4G mobile network sets launch date

Superfast mobile internet will arrive in the UK at the end of this month, but only for EE customers

3 October 2012