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Hundreds of thousands in line for ATM refunds

Hundreds of thousands of consumers are in line for a refund of cash left at RBS and HSBC ATMs

24 December 2012

'Irresponsible' Asda pushes costly credit card cash for Christmas

Asda is encouraging credit card customers to use £5-a-go, plus interest, ATM withdrawals

11 December 2012

Scrap cash machine curbs, RBS and Lloyds TSB told

MPs have urged RBS and Lloyds to drop restrictions on customers with basic bank accounts using other cash machines

31 August 2012

RBS and NatWest allow card-less cash withdrawals

RBS and NatWest customers with their bank's mobile banking app can take money from an ATM without a debit card

13 June 2012

HSBC and First Direct systems crash (but now say it's sorted)

HSBC and First Direct customers have reported being unable to use their cards or access their accounts online

4 November 2011

MPs hit out at RBS and Lloyds over basic bank account ATM access

Two of Britain's largest banks have been told by MPs to justify their restrictions on basic account customers using rivals' cash machines

10 October 2011

RBS and Natwest punish basic account holders in ATM crackdown

RBS and Natwest basic bank account customers will no longer be able to use rivals' cash machines

17 August 2011