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ATMs may close due to reforms - but rural machines should get some protection

The firm behind the UK's main cash machine network has announced it'll reduce the fee card issuers pay to ATM operators

31 January 2018

Monzo reveals new overseas ATM fees

App-based Monzo Bank is introducing fees for overseas ATM withdrawals over £200/mth from 18 Dec for its current account

17 October 2017

New £10 note unveiled this week – here's a sneak peek

The new plastic £10 note will be unveiled tomorrow – but you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on one

17 July 2017

Barclays customers left unable to use cards and make payments after 'technical difficulties'

A large number of Barclays customers were left unable to pay with their debit cards or make ATM withdrawals on Saturday

25 February 2017

Free ATMs 'could start charging withdrawal fees' because of row over costs

Cash machine users face the threat of new fees to withdraw money at thousands of ATMs amid an industry row over service

20 January 2017

The NEW King of spending abroad - the free Travelex Supercard launches today

The Supercard has unbeatable rates in every country, no ATM fee, no interest, no credit check and lets you earn rewards

12 May 2015

Halifax & Lloyds customers can't get cash on New Year's Eve

Reports from angry customers of debit cards being rejected and online banking down, on biggest party night of the year

31 December 2012

Hundreds of thousands in line for ATM refunds

Hundreds of thousands of consumers are in line for a refund of cash left at RBS and HSBC ATMs

24 December 2012

'Irresponsible' Asda pushes costly credit card cash for Christmas

Asda is encouraging credit card customers to use £5-a-go, plus interest, ATM withdrawals

11 December 2012

Scrap cash machine curbs, RBS and Lloyds TSB told

MPs have urged RBS and Lloyds to drop restrictions on customers with basic bank accounts using other cash machines

31 August 2012

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