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Nationwide: Biggest house price fall in three years

House prices have recorded the biggest dip in nearly three years amid the

28 June 2012

Major UK banks downgraded by Moody's

15 of the world's biggest institutions have been downgraded by ratings agency Moody's, including UK giants

22 June 2012

£570 million paid out in PPI claims in April

Lenders paid out £570.5 million compensation in April to PPI mis-selling victims

22 June 2012

Savers' deposits to be ring-fenced from banks' investment arms

Banks will be forced to split savers' cash from their risky casino-style investment activities to protect deposits

14 June 2012

Letter to Ken Clarke demands tougher PPI claims regulation

We have today written a joint letter to the Justice Secretary demanding tougher regulation of claims management firms

14 May 2012

PPI: Lloyds says sorry for mis-selling

Lloyds has apologised and promised a catalogue of moves to provide redress, in another capitulation by banks on PPI

14 June 2011

Barclays pledges to settle on-hold PPI complaints

The bank is to compensate in full all PPI complaints that were put on hold on or before 20 April

13 June 2011

Guest Comment: Bank charges fight still alive

Bank charges reclaiming has largely fallen off the radar but Mike Dailly, from the Govan Law Centre, says it's not over

20 May 2011

PPI complaints hit record high

A mammoth 104,597 consumers made a complaint to the independent Financial Ombudsman Service on PPI in the year to 31 March – over 2,000 a week

18 May 2011

Banks throw in the towel on PPI

The banking trade body has admitted defeat in the PPI judicial review which could mean a £9bn boost to consumers

9 May 2011