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'Should I buy my holiday money now?'

10 need-to-knows about buying euros, dollars etc after Brexit vote

6 July 2016

Currency company Ace-FX blames technical glitch as 1,000 customers see pre-Brexit transactions cancelled

Holidaymakers have lost out on hundreds of pounds after currency exchange company Ace-FX cancelled 1,000 orders

29 June 2016

10 tricks to slash the cost of spending abroad

New TravelMoneyMax APP finds your cheapest rate however you pay. Should you buy euros before the EU vote?

15 June 2016

Home from holiday checklist - nine ways to protect your pocket

If you've returned from holiday, some simple checks could save you £100s - from flight delays, photos to currency

1 September 2015

Seven charged over Crown Currency Exchange collapse

After a police investigation, seven people have been charged in connection with the collapse of Crown Currency Exchange

19 August 2013

Summer holiday planning: Where will your pound go furthest? compares how far your pound will get you at popular holiday destinations

23 May 2013

Banks axe debit card bureau de change fees

The dreaded debit card fee to take out foreign currency in the UK is slowly dying

21 June 2012

Holidaymakers short-changed by currency providers

Holidaymakers looking to get the best rates for their travel cash could lose out, depending on where they live

25 May 2012

Should you buy euros now?

UK holidaymakers have had an unusual treat over recent months with a strong pound, particularly against the euro

10 May 2012

Is it worth buying travellers' cheques? research reveals travellers' cheques often offer among the worst possible value on holiday money

10 May 2012