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Debit cards

London buses to stop taking cash this summer

London bus passengers will need to use an Oyster smartcard or contactless credit or debit card from this summer

3 February 2014

Mis-sold CPP card protection insurance? Court rules you can get money back

If you were mis-sold CPP card insurance, you're in line for a payout after the High Court approved a redress deal

14 January 2014

Mis-sold CPP card protection customers back redress scheme

A CPP redress scheme gets the green light from customers - it now just needs to be approved by the High Court

9 January 2014

Metro Bank to charge for debit card use outside Europe

From 18 March Metro Bank current account customers will be charged when using their debit card outside Europe

8 January 2014

Keep your Pin to yourself: Watch out for 'courier scam'

Action Fraud had 721 reports of courier scams across the UK between January and June this year

19 November 2013

Lloyds launches Everyday Offers cashback: Is it any good?

Lloyds Bank has become the latest to introduce cashback on certain debit card purchases, but is its scheme any good?

7 November 2013

Halifax unveils debit card cashback, but is it worth switching to?

Halifax becomes the latest bank to announce cashback for debit card holders - but is its deal any good?

28 August 2013

Vote 'yes' for CPP redress

A refund scheme for people who were mis-sold card protection insurance will only go ahead if enough vote for it

27 August 2013

RBS and NatWest launch limited cashback on debit cards: Is it any good?

From tomorrow RBS and NatWest customers can earn at least 1% cashback on some purchases made using their debit card

11 August 2013

EU proposes card charges shake-up but will fees rise?

New European proposals aimed at cutting the cost of using debit and credit cards have been announced

24 July 2013