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Direct Debit

30% of British Gas, Octopus & Shell Energy customers say their direct debits have DOUBLED

At least 30% of British Gas, Octopus Energy and Shell Energy customers who were in credit and on price-capped tariffs told that they've seen their direct debits double – even though the price cap rise is half that, at 54%.

9 May 2022

Admiral double-charges 100s of insurance customers

Insurance firm Admiral has apologised after hundreds of its customers had their direct debit payment doubled in February

27 March 2018

'I got £1,120 back after finding a forgotten direct debit I'd been paying for FIVE years'

A pensioner has managed to reclaim a whopping £1,120 after doing an audit of her direct debits

8 March 2018

British Gas customers double-charged in direct debit blunder

Customers are reporting that their direct debits have been taken twice, leaving them £100s short in some cases

25 November 2016

Nationwide customers hit by payments glitch – are you affected?

Outbound standing orders could leave the accounts of Nationwide customers late, understands

1 September 2016

Vodafone warning – all customers check your bills ASAP for errors

A investigation has uncovered huge numbers of problems with billing and other issues.

8 June 2016

BT triples monthly fee for paid email service

Thousands of former BT broadband customers face a steep email price hike, with the monthly cost tripling

30 March 2016

Energy direct debit hiked? Challenge it

Some energy customers who switched last winter have voiced frustrations about new suppliers upping direct debits

12 October 2015

Payment failed on payday? Banks to give customers more time to avoid charges

Seven high street giants have agreed to put payments through later in the day if they are rejected first time

7 June 2013

Firms 'should be clearer on regular card payments'

Traders may not be making it clear to consumers that they're being signed up to a Continuous Payment Authority

12 December 2012