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John Charcol

Bag a cheap mortgage deal now, despite interest rate rise delay

Interest rates may not rise until 2017, but mortgage borrowers should still consider securing a cheaper deal now

9 November 2015

Urgent warning: EU remortgage rules could create mortgage prisoners explains how new EU rules could affect you if you're looking to remortgage

28 April 2015

Customers being 'ripped off' by banks on Faster Payments limits

The limit for transferring money by Faster Payments with your bank is £100,000, yet many banks set the limit much lower

10 November 2014

Best buy mortgage deals could be at risk

Some best buy deals have been pulled after a rise in the rate at which banks lend to each other

15 August 2013

'Get a mortgage now if you want to fix'

It's claim now is the time to get a mortgage if you want to fix, despite base rate being unlikely to rise any time soon

9 July 2013

Ditch your standard mortgage for a five-year fix?

Millions of mortgage holders have been hit with a huge rise in repayments, while new deal costs are down

28 August 2012

One million face mortgage rate rise

More than a million home owners will see the cost of their mortgage payments increase from today

1 May 2012

40,000 Halifax mortgage holders at risk of payment hike

Borrowers face the threat of higher mortgage costs after Halifax raised a cap for some on a standard variable mortgage

29 February 2012

'Dear Chancellor, don't cap mortgage lending'

There could be a cap on what mortgage holders can borrow as a percentage of their property. Mortgage guru Ray Boulger thinks it's a bad idea

10 February 2012

Fixed mortgage rates expected to fall

Homeowners considering remortgaging were today told to sit tight as commentators predict fixed-rate deals have further to fall

5 May 2011