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Got a Santander current account? Find out if fees shake-up affects you

Millions of Santander current account customers face new overdraft charges from 19 August, leaving some paying more

20 May 2014

Overdrafts cost too much, financial watchdog says

Overdrafts are to be investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority after it found borrowers are paying too much

10 April 2014

Barclays current account fee revamp means big losers but some winners

Barclays current account customers who use their overdraft regularly will be hit by a huge hike in charges from June

27 March 2014

Been affected by the floods? See if your bank can help

Flood victims struggling with emergency costs and keeping up with mortgage payments may be able to get help

12 February 2014

Boost your coffers for 2014: Reclaim PPI, council tax and more is urging you to check now if you're owed cash due to mis-selling, poor service or something else

3 January 2014

Barclays to scrap multiple daily overdraft charges

Barclays will introduce a 'one per day' cap on its £8 paid and unpaid transaction fees in the coming weeks

2 January 2014

Barclays plans overdraft fees shake-up

Barclays is reviewing overdraft fees and charges as it plans a major overhaul to rid itself of 'any sins of the past'

23 September 2013

NatWest and RBS hike overdraft charges from today

NatWest and RBS have today reduced the buffer from which they start charging for dipping into an authorised overdraft

12 July 2013

Young people have 'dangerous gaps' in money knowledge, charity says

Young people are entering their adult life with 'dangerous gaps' in their money management skills, according to Pfeg

3 June 2013

NatWest & RBS to hike overdraft charges

NatWest and RBS have reduced the buffer from which they start charging customers for going into an authorised overdraft

17 April 2013