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Jetting off this summer? Act now to save

Don't leave it till the week before, our holiday checklist can save you large, if you sort it now

3 June 2015

Judges rule excessive fine is fair in landmark private parking case, but it doesn't stop you appealing unfair tickets

The Court of Appeal has today ruled against a motorist who challenged what he believed to be an excessive parking fine

23 April 2015

Motorists to be given 10 minute leeway when parking tickets run out

A change in the law is planned to take effect in the next few weeks which will see the leeway applied to council parking

6 March 2015

Private parking 'fines': Test case could open reclaim floodgates

A case is being heard at the Court of Appeal today, which could set a precedent on reclaiming excessive parking fines

24 February 2015

Could you reclaim unfair private parking fines?

Drivers may have been illegally charged millions of pounds by overzealous private parking firms, according to the RAC

20 February 2015

'Don't pay unfair private parking tickets' is shouting louder than ever about your right to dispute unfair private parking charges

4 August 2014

Government to ban CCTV parking 'spy cars'

The Government is clamping down on trigger-happy parking wardens and banning CCTV 'spy cars'

23 June 2014

'Bailiffs harassed me over somebody else's £1,200 parking fine'

A Londoner has been threatened with having goods seized from his home for over £1,000 of somebody else's parking fines

28 August 2013

Government to stop councils' 'backdoor parking taxes'

The Government says it will clamp down on councils introducing taxes on people's driveways and parking spaces

3 August 2013

Cowboy clampers 'could start new parking scams'

Cowboy wheel clampers, who will soon be outlawed, could move onto illegal parking ticket rackets, the AA warns

18 September 2012