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Sent money to the wrong bank account? Now it should be easier to get it back

People who send money electronically to the wrong bank account will be given more help getting it back

28 January 2016

Guest Comment: 1.1m switched bank in the last year

The Payments Council reveals new research to coincide with the first anniversary of the Current Account Switch Service

11 September 2014

Current account switching: Early figures show Halifax as big winner

Halifax was the big winner from the first three full months of the seven-day current account switching regime

1 August 2014

Mobile-to-mobile payments start today – but how does Paym work?

Millions of smartphone users can now pay for goods and services simply by using the recipient's mobile phone number

29 April 2014

Sent money to the wrong bank account? You’ll soon have more help getting it back

If you accidentally send a payment to the wrong bank account, you'll get more help recovering the money from next month

24 April 2014

Forget worrying about sort codes - mobile-to-mobile cash transfers coming soon

Smartphone users will soon be able to pay for goods and services simply by using the recipient's mobile phone number

10 March 2014

Cheques set to become payable via smartphone photos

Government plans mean smartphone users will be able to pay cheques in by sending a photo to their bank

27 December 2013

Seven-day switching, one month on: Q&A

Seven-day bank switching is fulfilling its promise a month on from its launch, according to those who've tried it

22 October 2013

7-day bank switching era begins: Full Q&A on what it means for you

A switching guarantee has launched today to ensure all incoming and outgoing payments get moved to your new account

16 September 2013

Faster current account switching is coming – but cards not included

Bank customers will be able to switch accounts within seven working days from 16 September

16 August 2013