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Had RAC or Budget insurance? Check you're not paying for unwanted cover

RAC and Budget insurance policyholders may be paying almost £50 a year for unwanted personal accident cover

4 August 2014

Fuel duty 'could rocket' to reduce Treasury shortfall

Motorists could face a 50% rise in fuel duty in future years to cover a £13 billion hole

15 May 2012

AA and Sky top firms to haggle with

Communications and breakdown providers are among the best at giving in to your demands, our poll reveals

30 April 2012

Driving costs soar in 12 months

The cost of motoring has jumped by 14% over the past year, a report by the RAC says

23 November 2011

Petrol price hike fears as oil price surges

Oil prices have hit an all-time high for UK buyers which could lead to further petrol price rises

5 April 2011

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