The AA and Sky are the easiest companies to haggle with, according to a poll of users.

Communications and breakdown providers are among the best at giving in to your demands, the survey reveals.

The results show millions can get a better deal when they have the nerve to get money off a new contract, proving haggling isn't confined to exotic bazaars.

A whopping 81% of AA Breakdown and 83% of Sky TV customers who tried to batter down costs secured a better deal. However, AA customers are more likely to get a large saving.

Below are the top 10 service companies to haggle with from our poll of over 3,000 MoneySavers.

Haggling success

Company Big saving Minor reduction
AA Breakdown 61% 20%
Sky 52% 31%
AOL 43% 29%
O2 43% 28%
RAC 40% 33%
Virgin Mobile 40% 29%
Vodafone 40% 25%
Virgin Media 39% 41%
Three Mobile 38% 33%
Admiral Insurance 38% 42%
Only firms where more than 100 customers responded are listed. Figures are percentages of those tried to haggle.

Martin Lewis, creator, says: "Don't think you can only haggle in fly-swarmed bazaars on exotic holidays – many people save £100s by armchair haggling from home.

"Many service companies operate in mature markets – so their main aim is to win customers from elsewhere and retain their own. Therefore, they'll often strike a deal if they think they'll lose you, especially on longer-term contract services.

"If you don't ask, you don't get – and pay more.  Don't be demanding, though. No one likes a diva, this is about charm and chutzpah. And prepare by researching prices, so you know you're getting a good deal."'s top haggling tips

  • When nearing the end of a contract, the provider will want to keep your custom. So be ready to act.
  • Tell the company if it doesn't give you a good deal you'll consider leaving. You'll often be put through to 'disconnections', which internally is known as the retention unit. Its job is to keep customers, and offer the top deals to tempt you to stay.
  • Do your research first so you're aware of the cheapest prices (see the Cheap Broadband, Cheap Breakdown Cover, Cheap Digital TV and Cheap Mobiles guides).
  • Don't be afraid to walk away if you don't get a decent price.
  • If you're at disconnections and you don't get a get a good price and are asked, "so shall I cancel your service?" you're can change your mind. Just say: "I need to think about it, I'll call back."