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GDP up 0.3% as UK avoids triple-dip recession

Britain has avoided a triple-dip recession after the economy grew by 0.3% during the first quarter

25 April 2013

Double-dip recession not as deep as feared

Revised figures reveal a smaller contraction in the second quarter of the year than previously expected

27 September 2012

Recession less deep than feared, but economy still struggling

Britain's double-dip recession is not as bad as previously thought, revised figures show

24 August 2012

Proof you can get out of debt in the recession

Despite the state of the country's economy, one MoneySaver became debt-free after overcoming a £35,000 wall

26 July 2012

Economy shrinks by 0.7% pushing UK into deeper recession

Britain slumped to its longest double-dip recession in more than 50 years, after figures reveal the economy has shrunk

25 July 2012

Labour calls for fuel duty rise postponement

Ed Balls is urging the Government to use the Olympics underspend to cover the cost of scrapping an increase in fuel duty

26 June 2012

Recession is deeper than feared

Revised figures today show a sharper decline in the economy in the first three months of 2012 than first thought

24 May 2012

Mervyn King: Economic crisis "far from over"

Bank of England governor admits more should have been done to avert the downturn, adding we're not out of the woods

3 May 2012

Time to recession-proof your finances?

Here are 10 things everyone needs to know about economic downturn

2 May 2012

UK back in recession

The UK is back in recession after a surprise 0.2% contraction in the economy in the first quarter of the year

25 April 2012