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Stamp duty

Nationwide: House prices fell in April

House prices have dipped further amid the

3 May 2012

Stamp duty deadline lifts housing market, survey says

A rush of first-time buyers trying to beat a stamp duty deadline gave the housing market a boost last month

10 April 2012

Budget 2012 round-up: Pensioners the big losers

While the over 65s will be worse off, low and middle income earners could gain £220 a year. Other taxes will also rise

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Stamp duty to soar for large homes

Property owners with homes worth over £2 million will have to pay a significatly higher rate of stamp duty

21 March 2012

Rents fell in February

The rush by first-time buyers to beat a stamp duty holiday deadline has triggered a short-term dip in rents

16 March 2012

House sales plunge in 3-year slump

House sales fell last year to one of the lowest totals recorded, figures from HM Revenue and Customs reveal

25 January 2012

Calls to extend stamp duty concession for first-time buyers

The mortgage industry is disappointed the Government plans to end the stamp duty 'holiday' for first-time buyers

30 November 2011