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Top Clubcard offer suspended AGAIN weeks before it's set to be scrapped

Tesco's popular Clubcard offer with train booking website RedSpottedHanky has been suspended for the second time

4 January 2019

Tesco Bank fined millions over 2016 cyber-attack

Tesco Bank has been fined £16.4 million by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after failing to protect customers from a cyber attack in November 2016

1 October 2018

Tesco to trial paying customers who recycle 10p per plastic bottle

Tesco has begun trialling in-store recycling machines, which will pay customers for every plastic bottle returned

28 September 2018

Tesco to allow Clubcard customers to download vouchers whenever they want

Tesco is to launch a new 'Faster Vouchers' scheme next month

30 July 2018

Tesco to scrap its Brand Guarantee scheme

The store has confirmed it's ending its

25 June 2018

Tesco Bank customers unable to use online and mobile banking

Tesco Bank customers have been left unable to access their mobile or internet banking since this morning

5 June 2018

Tesco removes best-before dates to cut food waste

Tesco is removing best-before labels from almost 70 of its fruit and veg range in a bid to help reduce food waste

22 May 2018

Tesco Direct to close in July

Tesco Direct - the store's online shop for non-food items such as clothing and homeware - will close in July

22 May 2018

Tesco to close its email service - if you still use it act now

The email address service will be closed down on 27 June

17 April 2018

Tesco Bank apologises after getting the rules wrong on recurring payments

Tesco Bank has apologised after wrongly refusing to cancel a customer's recurring payment

5 April 2018