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Treasury Committee

Martin Lewis urges MPs to free mortgage prisoners, warning coronavirus is set to trap even more households

Martin Lewis has called on the Government to act to help "mortgage prisoners" as he gave evidence to the Treasury Committee about the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, warning that more households could become trapped as a result of the crisis

10 December 2020

Martin Lewis calls for 'explosive' buy now pay later market to be regulated at 'maximum speed'

Martin Lewis has called for the "explosive" market for buy now, pay later products to be regulated as soon as possible in a Treasury Committee evidence session this week

10 December 2020

Martin Lewis warns MPs of 'catastrophic' effect on workers' finances without coronavirus support founder and chair Martin Lewis has warned MPs that workers' finances could be permanently damaged without short-term support during the coronavirus crisis, as part of a Treasury Committee evidence session on the economic impact of the pandemic

10 December 2020

Minister considering extending regulation to help mortgage prisoners

Treasury Minister John Glen has said that he is willing to consider extending the limits of the financial regulator's powers to help more 'mortgage prisoners' who are stuck on expensive deals with unregulated lenders and lenders that no longer offer new mortgages

28 January 2020

Lifetime ISA should be scrapped, says influential group of MPs

A group of MPs has called for the Lifetime ISA to be scrapped, just a year after it was launched

26 July 2018

Regulator under fire for lack of 'urgency' on mortgage prisoners

The Financial Conduct Authority has been accused of having no

14 June 2018

1,300 TSB customers have lost money to fraudsters, MPs told

The FCA warned that 40% of calls were still being abandoned and fraud victims have not been repaid quickly enough

6 June 2018

40,000 complain over TSB meltdown - and bosses STILL can't say when it'll be fixed

TSB has admitted it's been deluged with 40,000 complaints from customers over the IT meltdown

2 May 2018

MP demands action over contactless card security flaw

Senior Labour MP Rachel Reeves cited MSE's case study in Parliament while quizzing financial regulators

9 February 2017