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Scrap cash machine curbs, RBS and Lloyds TSB told

MPs have urged RBS and Lloyds to drop restrictions on customers with basic bank accounts using other cash machines

31 August 2012

Banks set to take further PPI mis-selling hit

Britain's top four banks are reportedly set to set aside another £1 billion for mis-selling PPI

24 July 2012

RBS and Natwest demand £50k salary for interest-only mortgages

The pair are the latest in a long line of providers restricting access to interest-only mortgages

28 March 2012

MPs call for stronger financial regulation

The new system of financial regulation must not repeat the 'shortcomings' of the Financial Services Authority say MPs

13 January 2012

No cheque guarantee cards return

Cheque guarantee cards, which were abandoned in June, will not be re-introduced, says the Payments Council

21 December 2011

'Failings at the top caused RBS demise'

Poor management decisions were a key factor in the near collapse of RBS, says a new FSA report

12 December 2011

Lloyds TSB's partial re-think over basic bank account cash access

Lloyds TSB basic bank account customers will soon have access to all ATMs within the Lloyds Banking Group

2 December 2011

MPs call for return of cheque guarantee cards

MPs are keeping up the pressure for the return of cheque guarantee cards, which were abandoned in June by the Payments Council

16 November 2011

MPs call for cheque guarantee card return

An organisation which sets payment methods should consider reintroducing the cheque guarantee card, MPs said

24 August 2011

Guest Comment: Why should we pay for OUR credit reports?

Tom Ilube, from Callcredit, explains the importance of credit files and whether other firms will embrace free reports

22 July 2011

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