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Treasury Committee

MPs call for return of cheque guarantee cards

MPs are keeping up the pressure for the return of cheque guarantee cards, which were abandoned in June by the Payments Council

16 November 2011

MPs call for cheque guarantee card return

An organisation which sets payment methods should consider reintroducing the cheque guarantee card, MPs said

24 August 2011

Guest Comment: Why should we pay for OUR credit reports?

Tom Ilube, from Callcredit, explains the importance of credit files and whether other firms will embrace free reports

22 July 2011

Switching bank accounts to be made easier

The Payments Council has this week announced plans to make it easier for consumers to switch bank accounts

6 July 2011

Cheque guarantee cards to be abolished tomorrow

From 30 June these cards, used to guarantee cheque payments in shops, will no longer be accepted

29 June 2011

Consumers to get free credit reports from Callcredit

The service will allow consumers to view their report when they like, but Callcredit is the smallest of the three agencies

16 June 2011

Treasury Committee to reopen cheques enquiry

Banks stand accused of ignoring the needs of millions of vulnerable people by pressing ahead with plans to phase out cheques

14 April 2011

Banking system 'isn't working', says Treasury Committee

The Treasury Committee report says consumers are suffering from a lack of price transparency and comparability in the current account market

2 April 2011