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Virgin Mobile

Beware 'hidden APRs' of up to 48% on mobile contracts this Christmas is today calling for new rules to force mobile phone providers to display clear APRs on smartphone

15 December 2014

EE introduces customer services queue jump fee

EE customers can now pay for the privilege of getting to the front of the phone queue to speak to customer services

15 August 2014

Virgin Mobile sneaks around Ofcom rules to hike pay-monthly prices

If you're a Virgin Mobile pay monthly customer, you may be one of 800,000 users set to have your tariff hiked by 2.5%

19 June 2014

Jetting off this summer? Cut costly mobile roaming bills

Protect yourself from huge mobile roaming costs by using wi-fi, specialist travel packages and international Sim cards

9 June 2014

Stolen mobile cap to protect users from 'shock bills'

A cap on the maximum value of calls consumers will be expected to pay for if their mobile is stolen, is to be introduced

3 December 2013

Orange and TalkTalk top telecoms complaints table

Orange and TalkTalk have been shamed as the most complained about providers by regulator Ofcom

18 December 2012

AA and Sky top firms to haggle with

Communications and breakdown providers are among the best at giving in to your demands, our poll reveals

30 April 2012