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Virgin Money

Virgin Money owner Sir Richard Branson vows to improve banking

Virgin Money aims to challenge the banking industry's 'big five' following its takeover of Northern Rock

9 January 2012

'0% credit card deals could change forever, for the worse'

Halifax has launched a top credit card, but the offer isn't available to all successful applicants. A sign of things to come?

29 November 2011

Virgin Money to buy Northern Rock for £747m

The Government is selling Northern Rock to Virgin Money with the hope the combined forces will bring High Street competition

17 November 2011

MBNA pulls UK credit cards from sale

Consumers have lost the opportunity to switch to a number of top plastic deals, as Bank of America prepares to sell its UK plastic business MBNA

30 September 2011

Barclaycard offers longest-ever 0% balance transfer credit card

Barclaycard will allow cardholders to shift debt to it with no interest charged for two years

18 July 2011

New Virgin Money 16-month 0% balance transfer credit card

An interest-free balance transfer credit card from Virgin Money launches today, which can be cheaper than the longest 0% deal

27 May 2011