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  • Christmas veg from 19p/packet

    Christmas veg from 19p/packet

    Price war in full swing at supermarkets including Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Tesco


    Are you in charge of this year's Christmas dinner? Keep your eyes peeled in supermarkets, as the 2021 Christmas Veg Price War is in full swing. Last year, we saw the cheapest ever prices we’ve seen since we started tracking them in 2015, starting at 14p/packet. That beat 2019's 15p (and 2015's 22p, in case you were wondering).

    As we see every year, once one supermarket drops its prices, the others follow suit. This year, we've seen prices level at 19p, however, from Sat 18 Dec Sainsbury's price-matched Aldi and is now offering the same variety of veg for 19p.

    MSE update, 5pm Thu 23 Dec: Aldi has told us that on Fri 24 Dec, all its 19p veg will be reduced to 9p each in an unprecedented move it says will help "reduce potential food waste". We've also spotted that in some Tesco stores, 2.5kg bags of potatoes have already been reduced to 20p each, worth looking out for if you're shopping in store.

    Sprout, sprout, let it all out, these are the Christmas veg deals you can't do without...

    Prices last checked on Thu 23 Dec.

    Aldi – 19p each from Thu 16 - Thu 23 Dec (reduced to 14p last year), reduced to 9p from Fri 24 Dec

    • Brussels sprouts (500g) – 9p
    • Carrots (1kg) – 9p
    • Parsnips (500g) – 9p
    • Red/white cabbage (each) – 9p
    • Swede (each) – 9p
    • Potatoes (2kg) – 9p

    Lidl – 19p each. Available from Thu 16 - Sun 26 Dec (some reduced to 14p last year)

    • Brussels sprouts (500g) – 19p
    • Carrots (1kg) – 19p
    • Red cabbage (per kg) – 19p
    • Potatoes (1.5kg) – 19p
    • Parsnips (500g) – 19p
    • Shallots (300g) – 19p

    Sainsbury's – 19p each (price-matching Aldi this year)

    Asda – 20p each, doesn't include potatoes this year (did in 2020)

    Tesco – from 29p each with Clubcard from Mon 13 - Sun 26 Dec (some reduced to 19p last year)

    Waitrose – 40p each


    Will there be enough stock?

    Given the time of year and uncertainty over supply chains, we can't be certain what stock will be available at supermarkets – local stores may be a better option for simpler shops.

    Will they be reduced even further?

    Of course, it might be worth waiting until just before supermarkets close for Christmas as you could find these cheap veg further reduced to clear stock. Previously we've seen 1kg of carrots for 5p or even free after Christmas Day.

    For more groceries offers and coupons, see our Supermarket coupons page.

  • Aldi Black Friday 2021 offers?

    Aldi Black Friday 2021 offers?

    Last year £150 Roomba robot vac. Many of Aldi's deals sold out quickly


    2020 might have been a lot of things, but it was the first year Aldi got involved with Black Friday. Its offers were extremely popular, with Nintendo Switches for £229.99 and Apple Airpods for £89.99 selling out early on the morning of Black Friday 2020. We've contacted Aldi but it's yet to let us know any details for this year, we'll let you know here when we know more.

    Good deals we saw last year included:

    • White iRobot Roomba robot vacuum, £149.99. Next cheapest we found, £229 at Electrical Discount UK.
    • Sony wireless headphones, £19.99. Next cheapest we found, £29.95 at Amazon.
    • Philips vacuum beard trimmer, £29.99. Next cheapest we found, £49.99 at Phillips.


    Important: Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the Black Friday hype, and only ever buy what you need and can afford. Always do your own price comparisons to ensure you’ve found the best deal – don't just take a retailer's word for it.