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  • 2020 might have been a lot of things, but it was the first year Aldi* got involved with Black Friday. Its offers were extremely popular, with the best selling out early on the morning of Black Friday 2020.

    At 4.13pm on Thu 25 Nov Aldi told us:
    "We believe great prices should be offered every day, not just a Friday. Aldi’s prices are always unbeatable – whether it’s Black Friday, or any other day of the year."

    Important: Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the Black Friday hype, and only ever buy what you need and can afford. Always do your own price comparisons to ensure you’ve found the best deal – don't just take a retailer's word for it.

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  • If you go via this Netmums link, you can get a voucher for a free full-size pack of 24 Mamia 'Newborn Premium Dry Fast' nappies (normally 79p) which you can redeem in-store at Aldi, while stock lasts.

    The nappies come in a 'Size 1', which Aldi says fits babies weighing between 4-11lbs (2-5kg). Netmums says the coupon will be posted within two weeks, and it's valid until June 2023.

    If you're looking for ways to budget for your baby, see our 47 tips and tricks to save with a baby or toddler.

    • How to get this freebie

      Simply fill out the Netmums online form with your name, address and email – Netmums says the voucher will be posted to you within two weeks.

      It's one pack per person, and once you’ve received your voucher, show it at the checkout in any Aldi store (find your nearest). We can’t guarantee your local will have the nappies in stock so it’s best to do it as part of a bigger shop rather than making a special trip. You'll have until June 2023 to use the voucher.

      If you haven't received your voucher within two weeks, email Netmums has confirmed your data is only shared with a third party fulfilment company so it can send your voucher, and won’t be used for any other purpose.

      What is Netmums?

      Netmums is an online community for parents. Its site includes a range of topics and content including recipes, product reviews, courses, a newsletter and a forum known as 'Coffee House', to share advice and get support from others going through the same experience.

  • There are always ways to save money at Aldi, so even if there isn’t a cracking deal out there that works for you, don’t assume you can’t cut your costs.

    Ways to save include:

    • Exclusive offers for email subscribers. If you sign up to the Aldi newsletter it will email you special promotional offers and competitions, so you can get in there first.

    • Supermarket coupons. Make sure you look out for coupons in store as well as newspapers to save on your shopping.

    • Check out similar retailers, eg, Lidl and the other major supermarkets. If you’re not committed to buying from Aldi, check out our deals from Lidl, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose, where they may have a better offer

    • Try haggling. We polled 1,400 MoneySavers to find out in which shops hagglers have most success. Supermarkets did feature, so it’s worth a go. Find out more in our Haggle on the High Street guide.

    • Had a problem with Aldi? There’s a free online tool you can use to complain – it helps draft, manage and if necessary escalate your complaint. It’s offered by a firm called Resolver, which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice – you can use it to complain to Aldi*.

    If you spot any hot deals out there we have missed (we are human after all!), please let us know by emailing or via Twitter @MSE_Deals

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