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  • A dozen red roses from £3.99

    A dozen red roses from £3.99

    Our round-up of prices at major supermarkets


    Over-commercialised spending is one of our bugbears – you should never feel the pressure to buy stuff just because the calendar tells you it's Valentine's Day. But if you are planning to mark it with red roses, make sure you're not paying over the odds. Bunches of 12 start from £3.99 at supermarkets, but in the past stores have engaged in the 'war of the roses' and cut prices even further on the day itself.

    If you're interested in couriered roses from £25 instead, be aware that the closer we get to Valentine's Day, the more chance there is of falling foul of delivery delays. (Plus, you'll spend at least five times what you'd pay for a supermarket bunch.)

    Important: With the UK still in lockdown and trips out of the home limited to essential reasons, make sure you're picking up flowers as part of a planned supermarket trip.

    We'll update the below list as we get confirmation of this year's pricing from more retailers:

    Supermarket Price & available date
    (find your nearest)
    £3.99 for 12 red roses
    £1.99 for 10 red roses
    Available now
    (find your nearest)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    £24.99 for 100
    Available from Fri 12 Feb
    (find your nearest*)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    Available from Fri 12 Feb
    (find your nearest)
    £5 for 12 red sweetheart roses
    Available from Fri 12 Feb
    (find your nearest*)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    Available now
    (find your nearest)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    £10 for 12 red roses (slightly longer-stemmed)
    £20 for 12 premium long-stemmed red roses
    Available now
    (find your nearest*)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    Available now
    (find your nearest*)
    £5 for 12 red roses
    £10 for 18 red roses
    Checking when available
    (find your nearest)
    £10 for 12 Fairtrade red roses
    £15 for 24
    Available now

    Expect short-stemmed standard roses unless we've specified otherwise – we've not included any premium ranges. The cost of roses can shoot up if they are long-stemmed, or ethically/locally sourced. If you want more bang for your buck, consider alternatives such as tulips.

    How to jazz up a £2 bunch

    With a bit of creative flair, you can make a £2-£5 bunch of supermarket roses look a lot more expensive for next to nothing. Wrap them in some attractive paper (no need to spend more than £1), attach a self-penned poem (get some inspiration from Google) and you're sure to be in your loved one's good books.

    For more frugal flirtation, see our free ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day blog.

    MSE LAURA F says:

    Most of the prices are the same as last year's. The biggest difference is Aldi, who offered 12 sweetheart roses for £1.99 last February, as opposed to £3.99 this year. Aldi tells us that this year's bunch is made up of different types of roses – Calypso and Furiosa – so it's not quite like-for-like.

  • Valentine's Day cards from 25p

    Valentine's Day cards from 25p

    Our round-up, incl personalised photo cards from £1.79


    From the platonic and pun-tastic to the downright dirty, the Valentine's card market is a varied beast. It's not always possible to compare like-for-like, as each company has its own range, usually with a distinctive style of its own, like Scribbler's funny and rude designs. See below for our round-up of the cheapest cards and best codes we’ve found.

    If you've got the free Honey browser extension you can find out if there are any discounts floating around cyberspace that can be applied to your card, bringing the cost down further. These codes can be fleeting and don't always specify an origin or end date, so we haven't listed any here unless it's a code that's come from the card company itself.

    Important: With pressures on the postal service still ongoing, you'll need to take delivery times with a larger pinch of salt than usual. If you're planning on sending a card, do so as soon as possible to avoid falling foul of delays.

    Some of Scribbler's basic cards (they have a large range of cards that can be personalised too)

    Online or via app – personalised photo cards

    All of the cards below give you the option to personalise them with your own photos and your own message inside – meaning you could send them straight to the recipient, rather than having to handwrite a message yourself before sending.

    • Cards from £1.79 delivered at Card Factory*. There are basic cards for 99p but you'll need to pay £2.99 postage, whereas all personalised photo cards (priced from £1.79) include free UK first-class postage. You can't choose the date the card is delivered, so if you order in time for the free first-class delivery, your card will likely arrive a few days earlier than Valentine's Day.

    • Cards from £2.36 at Getting Personal via Vouchercodes. The cheapest personalised photo card is £1.79 plus 75p postage (if you select 'second-class'), but if you enter GIFT10 at checkout (courtesy of Vouchercodes), you can get 10% off.

    • Cards from £2.73 delivered at Snapfish. The cheapest personalised photo card is £2.49 (remember to check it's a folding card rather than a postcard) plus 99p postage, but you can get 30% off when you enter the sitewide code LOVE221 at checkout.

    • Cards from £2.84 delivered via the FreePrints Cards app. Each month, members of the FreePrints Cards app can send a discounted personalised photo card for £2.84 delivered. You'll need to select the 'premium folded' option to get a traditional card, rather than a postcard. There's no subscription fee or commitment needed to use the FreePrints Cards app.


    Online – generic cards

    • Cards from £3.98 delivered at Clintons. The cheapest option is a 99p card plus £2.99 standard delivery. You can’t personalise the message that goes inside the card, or add your own photos, so you’ll need to write in it yourself.

    In store

    Non-essential shops may be closed, but most supermarkets stock cards. In order to minimise trips outdoors, make sure to pick up a card as part of a planned groceries shop rather than making a special trip.

    Examples of the 99p cards available in store at Aldi

    For an even cheaper option, you might like to send a personalised postcard for 85p via the FreePrints Cards app, rather than a proper folded card.

    For a truly MoneySaving effort, you could always make your own card. If you ask us, frugality is sexy.