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  • We've some GINcredible news for gin lovers – discount retailer B&M is offering a gin advent calendar in stores for £29.99, while stock lasts, so you can really let the festive season beGIN.

    We have a feeling this will be very popular and could have a few people singing GINgle bells, so we've taken a peek behind the doors to see if it's good value, or if it just has a certain gin ne sais quoi.

    What's actually inside?

    The calendar contains 12 mini 5cl bottles of gin including Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater Gin, Gordon’s Pink Gin, Martin Miller’s Gin, Tanqueray Export Strength London Gin, Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin, Belgravia London Dry Gin, JJ Whitley London Dry Gin, Haymans London Dry Gin, Gordons Special Dry London Gin, Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin and JJ Whitely Elderflower Gin.

    Is it good value?

    At £29.99, each bottle of gin works out at £2.50, or £5 per 100ml. When we checked on Mon 15 Oct, you could get a 70cl bottle of Bombay Sapphire for £15 on offer at Asda, or £2.14 per 100ml. Larger versions of the other gins in the calendar ranged from £1.79 to £3.71 per 100ml at various supermarkets.

    So if you just want it for the gin, then you'll get better value buying the larger bottles at the supermarket. However, if you're after this for the novelty, or as a gift, this is the cheapest gin advent calendar we've seen – many others that we've spotted are over £100.

    Of course, don't overGINdulge – please be Drinkaware.

  • Giving a new meaning to crisp winter mornings, discount store B&M is offering a Pringles advent calendar in stores for £7.99.

    B&M says the advent calendar has been in stores since Thu 20 Sep and stock is now limited. It couldn't tell us which stores it's still available in – so it's best to check with your local B&M (find your nearest) and go quick if you want it.

    We managed to get our hands on one and have popped open the doors to see if it's worth singing Pringle-bells about...

    What's actually inside?

    Sadly, there are only 12 doors so if you don't want your Pringles festive fix to end prematurely, you'd need to buy two calendars to cover you for the whole of Advent.

    Behind each of the advent doors is a mini-sized 40g can of Pringles. The advent calendar we got contained three original flavour cans, three salt and vinegar, three sour cream and onion, and three Texas BBQ sauce flavour.

    Is it good value?

    At £7.99, the 12 mini Pringles cans work out at 67p each.

    While we've seen them cheaper bought separately at other discount stores – 45p at Poundstretcher, and 50p each (two for £1) at Poundland – the mini cans are more expensive at the big supermarkets. We spotted them for 80p at Tesco and 85p at Sainsbury's.

    So as a bit of fun, we don't think this Pringles advent calendar is bad value, as it can actually be cheaper than buying the mini cans in the supermarket.

    Of course, you'll get slightly better value per gram by buying the 130g or regular 200g Pringles cans, but if you're someone who usually pops and can't stop, the smaller cans may be a better idea anyway – Merry Crispmas.

  • If you want to add some snap, crackle and pop to your Christmas countdown, you can get a Kellogg's advent calendar for £8.99 in store at B&M (find your nearest), while stock lasts.

    What's in it?

    You get 24 cereal bars, made up of six 20g Coco Pops, six 25g Frosties, six 20g Rice Krispies, three 36g Rice Krispies Squares caramel & chocolate, and three 36g Rice Krispies Squares chocolatey, plus two 50g Pop Tarts strawberry.

    Is it good value?

    When we checked on Mon 22 Oct, we found we could buy the contents of the advent calendar separately at the major supermarkets for between £5 and £10, depending on the supermarket.

    So while the advent calendar is a little cheaper than the most expensive supermarket price, the contents can be bought for about 44% cheaper without the advent box, so we wouldn't exactly call this cerealously good value.

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  • B&M Black Friday Deals

    B&M Black Friday Deals

    Strong discounts on brands incl £99 Dyson, £299 LG 43” TV

    Discount retailer B&M has announced its Black Friday deals and you can save up to 54% off selected items from Fri Nov 23 (Black Friday) until Sun 25 Nov. The offers are only available to purchase in store (find your nearest) and you can’t reserve products online.

    The first customer in the queue at every store nationwide will also win a ‘free’ Dolce Gusto coffee machine when buying one of the following big electrical deals: 

    We also found some strong discounts on toys:

    As is the nature of sales, stock is subject to availability.

    : Don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the hype around Black Friday and be sucked into buying something you don’t need or can’t afford. And always do your own price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best deal possible – don’t just take a retailer’s word for it.

    For all our predictions, info and analysis see the full Black Friday 2018 Guide.


    This deal has expired - you can't get it any more. We've kept it here for reference.

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  • B&M Bargains toy sale, eg, £20 Peppa Pig Playhouse (norm £25), or 2 for £16

    B&M Bargains toy sale, eg, £20 Peppa Pig Playhouse (norm £25), or 2 for £16

    In all 550+ stores. Until Sunday

    Discount retailer B&M (also known as B&M Bargains) is offering a range of discounts in its first ever sale on kids’ toys, in stores until Sun 7 Oct. The sale will be running in all 589 B&M stores across the UK (find your nearest). If you don't live near a B&M, see our Toy Deals page for other offers. 

    There's also a 'two toys for £16' offer that B&M has told us includes about 140 different toys. A few examples in the two for £16 deal include:

    While some of the examples above are slightly cheaper if bought individually elsewhere, B&M’s 'two for £16' offer could make them cheapest depending on what else you’re buying. 

    Many other toys, and some that are included in the offer above, have simply been reduced from their usual price. Some strong examples our team spotted in store on Tue 2 Oct include:

    • Deluxe Peppa Pig playhouse - £19.99. Next cheapest we found, £28.98 at Very. 
    • Lego Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty's fairytale castle - £23.99. Next cheapest we found, £27.99 at Smyths. 
    • Paw Patrol treat time Marshall - £26.99. Same price at Smyths and Amazon.

    However, even during a sale, B&M may not be cheapest for everything - so always do your own price comparisons.