LAST OOOOORDERS! The deadlines for free and cheap delivery before Christmas

The deadline for postal and online Christmas deliveries may be sooner than you think. We've collated top retailers' own final cut-off dates, which in most cases comprise two separate deadlines – firstly, for cheapest standard delivery, and secondly, faster 'express' or next-day delivery that usually costs more.

If you are choosing to send cards or buy gifts online this year, don't leave it to the last minute.

Christmas last order dates for 2023 (so you get it by Christmas Eve)

Retailer Last date for cheapest delivery, plus cost Last date for express delivery, plus cost Last date for click & collect, plus cost

Tuesday 19 December

Free for 'Adiclub' members; £3.99 or free on £25+ for non-members


Tuesday 19 December



Tuesday 19 December for non-Prime members

Usually £3.95-£4.99 or free on £25+ (or if order contains £10+ of eligible books)

Saturday 23 December

Free for Prime members; usually 3.99-£5.99 for non-Prime

Note: Some items may need to be ordered earlier, so don't leave it too late

Same as standard & express delivery




Tuesday 19 December


1pm on Sunday 24 December for eligible same-day fast-track service


1pm on Sunday 24 December for eligible same-day fast-track service



Wednesday 20 December

£4.50 or free on £40+

Saturday 23 December (England, Scotland, Wales)

Friday 22 December (Northern Ireland)


Wednesday 20 December for standard

£4.50 or free on £40+

Friday 22 December for next-day



Tuesday 19 December

£3.95 or free on £25+

Thursday 21 December


£1.50 or free on £15+


Monday 18 December for

small items

£3.99-£9.99 or free on £40+


Thursday 21 December for large items


Friday 22 December

£5.99-£10.99 depending on time slot

1pm on Sunday 24 December


John Lewis*

7pm on Tuesday 19 December

£4.50 or free on £50+

8pm on Friday 22 December

£7.50-£10.95 for small/medium items, £12.95-£24.95 for large items

12pm on Friday 22 December (John Lewis or Waitrose store)

£2.50 or free on £30+


Sunday 17 December

£3.99 or free on £60+

Saturday 23 December


Saturday 23 December



12.59pm on Wednesday 20 December (England, Scotland, Wales)

Free for Nike members; £4.50 or free on £99+ for non-members

6.59pm on Monday 18 December (Northern Ireland)

Free for Nike members; £4.50 or free on £99+ for non-members

N/A Same as standard delivery

6pm on Monday 18 December


9pm on Friday 22 December


9pm on Saturday 23 December


These are the standard options for most, though do note, some may have earlier dates for specific items, so make sure you check.

These are just several of the biggies. Many retailers list the info on their websites for all to see – so it’s worth checking if you’re after one not listed above.

If opting for click & collect, always leave yourself enough time to collect from the store before it closes, and bear in mind that different branches may have varying closing times.

Late delivery rights

By law, delivery only needs to be “within a reasonable time”, which could be up to 30 days – no use for Christmas. For you to get a refund if an item doesn’t arrive in time, the retailer must have stated goods will arrive by 25 December. If you can’t prove this, you’ve no comeback. You’ve extra rights when buying online though, including being able to return items if you get in touch with the store within 14 days of delivery. For full info, see our Delivery rights guide.

A gentle reminder…

In previous years, retailers have brought forward their last order dates due to couriers struggling to cope with demand or bad weather. Though last order dates are a useful guide, it’s better to take them with a pinch of salt than to trust them as a guarantee.

Basically, if you’re going to buy online, do it sooner rather than later – unless you’re happy to hold on for the chance of a last-minute bargain, despite knowing the risk of it not arriving in time.

Have you had good/bad experiences when ordering Christmas presents online at last minute? Let us know on Twitter (X).