Summer Sizzlers including £1 disposable BBQs, £2ish sun cream & cheap fans

With the sun shining across most of the UK and summer around the corner, we've rounded up the hottest summer and outdoor offers. Scorching deals include £1 BBQs, 5* UVA sun cream from £2.39, and cheap electric fans.

How to borrow books FREE for as long as you like - even if you don't live near a library

If you're not lucky enough to live near a council-funded library, locally-organised book swapping stations known as a 'Little Free Library' have started popping up all over the country. Here I'll tell you more about what they are, how to use them and how you can find one near you - or even set one up yourself.

Ikea MoneySaving tips & hacks

If you’ve shopped at Ikea, you’ll know how easily costs can add up when you pop in for a specific item and leave hours later with a car full of cacti and scented candles. So here are our tips to make your Ikea visits more efficient – and cheaper – including freebies, shortcuts and how to ‘try before you buy’.

Recycle old pans and get 30% off new ones - EXPIRED

Most of us want to recycle as much as we can, but there are some items that are just confusing. Old frying pans can’t be recycled, or can they? You might not be able to put them in your recycle bin at home, but at the moment you can take ‘em into Sainsbury’s stores and be rewarded with money off new pans.

Recycle Week: Six easy ways to be greener AND save money

In case you hadn't realised, it's currently Recycle Week (23-29 Sep) - an annual initiative by sustainability charity WRAP - but as recycling is for life, not just one week of the year I've pulled together some of MSE's green MoneySaving tips to help you get involved and even save some cash...

Get paid to recycle, eg, £1.50 per printer cartridge

We're all for environmental MoneySaving at MSE, so we've listed a few ways of the best ways to get rewarded for your recycling efforts...

How I earned £75+ of coupons and freebies in one evening

As I’m still in hospital battling Crohn’s Disease, I’ve been taking some time off from terrorising the supermarket till staff with my usual stacks of coupons… but what I have been doing is collecting them up for when I’m back on my feet. Nothing gets between the Coupon Kid and his coupons! As you may already know,...

How to get a free Tempur travel pillow by lying down (norm £50)

The ‘Tempur Challenge’ is back and for many it’s the kind of deal dreams are made of –  what other offer have you seen where having a lie down gets you a £50 freebie? Until Sun 4 Mar, you can take the ‘Tempur Challenge’ – basically, it’s an easy bit of market research – to claim a...

How to get a posh Tempur travel pillow totally free (normally £65)

Take a daytime nap and bag a free £65 pillow. It’s the kind of deal dreams are made of… Until Mon 7 Aug, if you’re near any branch of Dreams – the bed and mattress shop – you can take the ‘Tempur Challenge’ to claim a free travel pillow, which it normally sells for £65. Basically, it’s an...

Ends Sun: Ikea ‘freebies’. Claim an instant ‘free’ hot dog, £1,000 gift card or family holiday to Sweden

Ikea’s hugely popular promotion, where everyone who scans its loyalty card when paying in stores gets a ‘free’ gift which could be worth £1,000+ or less than a quid, has been running since April but ends this weekend… It’s basically a prize draw, but a good one, and it’s been really popular in the past, because everyone who enters wins something – it...