Get cash for trash at charity litter picking events

We're all about environmental MoneySaving at MSE including How to net a Deliveroo discount beach cleaning, Free Ren bodywash if you 'kelp' keep beaches clean and also where to pick up free hot drinks for cleaning beaches but what if you don't live near a beach? The charity Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) may have the answer, with a reverse vending-machine.

Get a £25 gift card for £20 for New Look, Gap, Google Play and more, then stack with sales

One of the things we love to do at MSE is take advantage of deals and play the system, and this deal is perfect for it.

Trick to pay 1p for £6 Lenor fabric conditioner - EXPIRED

Having your clothes smelling fresh has possibly never been cheaper than with this coupon-stacking trick, which, done right, lets you pay just a penny for a fancy 1L bottle of Lenor.

How I earned £75+ of coupons and freebies in one evening

As I’m still in hospital battling Crohn’s Disease, I’ve been taking some time off from terrorising the supermarket till staff with my usual stacks of coupons… but what I have been doing is collecting them up for when I’m back on my feet. Nothing gets between the Coupon Kid and his coupons! As you may already know,...

EXPIRED – Extreme code-stacking trick to get up to £60 of Sainsbury’s shopping ‘free’ (or you could make an 80p PROFIT)

MSE Update Thu 5 May 1.25pm: This blog was first published last week, so please note some of the offers may have ended. We’ve kept the blog live for reference. I’ve seen some big discounts in my time, but even I was left speechless when I stumbled upon this trick to get £60 of online Sainsbury’s shopping FREE. As...