Get a cinema ticket and two packs of sweets for £2

It can sometimes feel like you need to remortgage to afford a trip to the cinema nowadays, but there’s a blockbuster deal to save you a lot of moolah.

How to ‘Play Your Cards Right’ and appear on a TV game show

Do you want to COME ON DOOOOWN and appear on a TV game show? It’s easier than you might think to get picked. Here are the tips and casting calls you need. Being on a TV game show can be a really fun experience and the chance of winning big prizes or cash is the icing on...

How to get 18 consecutive days off in 2019 for just nine days of annual leave

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about my holidays for 2019 and where I could jet off to. Luckily for me, and anyone else who works Mon-Fri, there’s a way to get a massive 18 days off in a row this year – for just nine days’ annual leave.

Holidays are coming… How to pick up a free can of Coke and see the Coca-Cola truck this Christmas

You know the build-up to Christmas has begun when you see the festive Coca-Cola advert. And this year, like many before, the Coca-Cola truck from that famous advert is going on tour around the country giving out free Coke and festive cheer.

Freebies at festivals - free Aussie styling at Lovebox & Latitude

If you've already got a ticket to Lovebox, Latitude or Electric Picnic festivals then you'll be pleased to know you can grab some freebies while you're there to offset the price of the ticket. See our Cheap Festivals guide if you'd like to see free festivals and more tips & tricks.

Blag FREE access to Heathrow's first-class lounge... if your name's Harry or Meghan

This Saturday (19 May), if you share a first name with Prince Harry or Meghan Markle (or you're travelling with someone who does), you'll be treated like royalty when you fly from Heathrow Terminal 5 with British Airways.

Meerkat Movies trick: £1ish gets 2for1 films for a year

Those darling TV meerkats (or annoying little pests depending on your view) have a deal where, if you buy via their site, you get 2for1 cinema tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays FOR A YEAR. And we’ve a trick to get it for £1ish…

How to bag a Travelodge room for £18

If you need a hotel room and don’t want to pay top dollar, you can stay at a Travelodge and pay just £17-£19 with this clever deal-stacking trick. Of course, Travelodge is known for its cheap rooms, and paying less than £30 per night isn’t uncommon – but at the moment you can go one better by...

Aged 26 to 30? Show an avocado to get one third off Virgin Trains West Coast tickets

If you were one of the ‘millennials’ who missed out on a 26-30 Railcard, then there’s a fruity way that you can still get a third off rail fares on Virgin Trains until Tuesday. Earlier this week, an initial 10,000 26-30 Railcards were offered as part of a nationwide trial and sold out within 12 hours. As...

Five top package holiday booking codes, eg, Tui £150 off £1,000 – DON’T book until you’ve checked our list

Travel agents say January is traditionally the busiest month for Brits booking their summer holidays, so it’s hardly surprising there are oodles of offers and codes knocking around – all promising huge savings on your 2018 getaway. We’ve focused on package holidays here, as that’s where you usually see the big discounts (though we’ve also included a few...