MSE Easter egg taste test – is it worth giving the cheaper eggs a crack?

With Easter fast approaching (and honestly, just for a bit of fun) we thought it was time to bring back the MSE Easter egg taste test. This year it's even more egg-citing as we've included vegan options too, with 10 eggs – six traditional and four vegan, a combination of supermarket and branded eggs. It was up to MSE staff to decide which they thought was 'tastiest' and 'most expensive.' Let's hop to it!

All of the eggs were unlabelled and divided into 'traditional' and 'vegan' categories, with 28 MSE tasters sampling the traditional eggs and 24 trying the vegan eggs. We bought four supermarket-own eggs (from Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's and M&S), and six branded eggs (Nestlé, Nomo, Wicked Kitchen, Buttermilk, Terry's and Cadbury). The cheapest egg (Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons) cost 99p and the most expensive egg (M&S Choc Corn) cost £8. 

So, do you really need to spend more money on chocolate to get a better taste? There was only one way to find out – a good old fashioned blind taste test.

Traditional Easter eggs

The competitors: Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, M&S Choc Corn, Lidl Fudge Biscuit Blast, Terry's White Chocolate Orange, Nestlé Aero and Sainsbury's Berry Biscuit.

Product Price
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons 128g 99p (77p per 100g)
Nestle Aero 121g  £1.25 (£1.03 per 100g)
Lidl Fudge Biscuit Blast 200g £2.79 (£1.40 per 100g)
Terry's White Chocolate Orange 230g £3 (£1.30 per 100g)
Sainsbury's Berry Biscuit 210g £4 (£1.90 per 100g)
M&S Choc Corn 340g £8 (£2.35 per 100g)


Supermarket-own eggs were the most popular with our taste buds this year – M&S Choc Corn and Lidl Fudge Biscuit Blast were the two most popular with 11 M&S votes for the 'tastiest' and 11 Lidl votes for the 'most expensive.'

Terry's White Chocolate Orange egg is going to have to beat it this year as it didn't receive any votes. MSE tasters thought it was lemon flavoured as opposed to orange and felt the citrus flavour was quite overpowering. 

See the table below for the results in more detail and find out which egg tasted similar to Lindt...

'Tastiest' egg



WINNER M&S Choc Corn – "Tastes like Toblerone"

£8 11

Lidl Fudge Biscuit Blast – "This is definitely Kinder"

£2.79 7

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons – "This is Lindt, definitely not Dairy Milk"

99p 5

'Most expensive' egg



WINNER Lidl Fudge Biscuit Blast – "Rich, tastes expensive"

£2.79 11

M&S Choc Corn – "More of an intense chocolate flavour"

£8 10

Sainsbury's Berry Biscuit – "Looks more expensive"

£4 5

Vegan Easter eggs

The competitors: Wicked Kitchen Poppin' Candy Orange, Nomo Caramel & Sea Salt, Aldi Strawberry White Choco and Buttermilk Choccy.

Product Price
Aldi Strawberry White Choco 115g £2.29 (£1.99 per 100g)
Buttermilk Choccy 100g £4 (£4 per 100g)
Wicked Kitchen Poppin' Candy Orange 130g £5 (£3.85 per 100g)
Nomo Caramel & Sea Salt 148g £6 (£4.05 per 100g)


The branded eggs were the most popular vegan eggs with 10 'tastiest' votes for Nomo and 11 'most expensive' votes for Wicked Kitchen.

The least two favourites were the Aldi and Buttermilk eggs. One MSE taster said the Aldi egg "tastes like a Lush bath bomb" (we won't expose who eats Lush bath bombs in their spare time). Another MSE taster said "it's in my mouth but there's no flavour" about the Buttermilk egg, whilst someone else said "it tastes like cardboard".

See the table below for the results in more detail.

'Tastiest' egg



WINNER Nomo Caramel & Sea Salt – "That's definitely salted caramel"

£6 10

Wicked Kitchen Poppin' Candy Orange – "I'm enjoying the cracking ride I'm going on"

£5 7

'Most expensive' egg



WINNER Wicked Kitchen Poppin' Candy Orange – "It's a popping party in my mouth"

£5 11

Nomo Caramel & Sea Salt – "That's a big lump of salt"

£6 6
Is it worth shelling out more?

In an eggshell, no. Although the M&S egg won the 'tastiest' award, the £2.79 Lidl egg came first for 'most expensive' and second for 'tastiest' – which shows you don't need to spend an eggs-stravagant amount, supermarket-own eggs are just as good. However to get a decent vegan chocolate egg, you may be better off buying a branded egg around the £5 mark, as the taste varied a lot with price.

Have any of you tasted these Easter eggs yourself? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.