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  • Megabusplus Yorkshire £2.50 return fares

    Megabusplus Yorkshire £2.50 return fares

    Destinations incl York, Castleford, Harrogate, Halifax, Doncaster


    If you go online to Megabusplus, set up by Megabus*, you can book from £1 each way (plus 50p booking fee, so from £2.50 return) for journeys with split train and coach tickets.

    £1 each way fares

    When we checked on Tue 21 Jul £1 single tickets were available on routes including:

    • London to York via East Midlands Parkway (where you change to the bus) at 8.14am Fri 4 Sep

    The next cheapest fare we found for the same route on Fri 4 Sep was £8, which is still a good deal.

    Megabus has told us these £1 fares sell out quickly, so it's best to try and book three months in advance where possible if you're set on the £1 deal. Prices are set on a sliding scale but are usually under £10 depending on the route.

    • Destinations include: York, Castleford, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Huddersfield and Bradford.
  • Megabus £3 advance returns

    Megabus £3 advance returns

    Incl coach, train & both. Ongoing offer. Limited avail


    If you go online to Megabus*, if you get lucky, you can book rail and coach travel across the UK and Europe from £1 each way (plus £1 booking fee, so from £3 return). We've spotted cheap fares for travel up to March 2018 on some routes – it's worth checking back regularly.

    It offers cheap tickets on coaches (Megabus), trains (Megatrain) and a combination of the two (Megaplusbus).

    These £1 fares sell out quickly, so try to book months in advance where possible, be flexible with your dates and be prepared to travel at unsociable hours. Even if you miss out on £1 deals, we found many £10 and under singles which aren't bad. See the Megabus route map.

    Example £1 each way fares

    When we checked on Thu 4 Jan, we found £1 single tickets available on these Megabus route examples:

    •  Manchester to London, departs 5.30pm on Sat 24 Mar.

    •  Birmingham to Bristol, departs 4.25pm on Thu 22 Mar.

    •  Aberdeen to Edinburgh, departs 8.10am on Mon 26 Mar.

    How to book them

    The sub-£10 deals, if available, should appear as normal. Simply choose where you're travelling from and to and select "all" under "travelling by" to show results for both bus and train.

    Megabus has told us tickets are released for destinations in waves, usually about a month and a half before travel date, so keep checking back for later tickets if they're not available on your chosen route yet.