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  • 'VeryMe' is a free smartphone app for Vodafone customers - it works a lot like O2 Priority.

    If you've got a smartphone on the mobile network Vodafone, you can download a free app called 'VeryMe'.

    Register on the app and it'll show you a mix of discounts, freebies, rewards and competitions that change every so often. It works a lot like O2 Priority but is only available to Vodafone customers.

    Simply download the app and give it a try, as offers change frequently and it's pretty self-explanatory. See Vodafone support for help if you have any questions.

    Examples of what we've seen free in the past include free hot drinks at Greggs or Costa, free wine at Majestic, and free Tesco gift cards.

    The idea is then to check the app, swiping through various offers and rewards until you see something you want. Claiming a reward is usually as straightforward as tapping the screen to get a code to show in store.

Latest Expired Deals

  • Greggs FREE £1ish sausage roll 

    Greggs FREE £1ish sausage roll 

    Via Vodafone rewards app. Includes vegan sausage roll

    New and existing Vodafone mobile customers can get a FREE sausage roll or vegan sausage roll (norm £1ish) at Greggs through Vodafone's 'VeryMe' rewards app – see who's eligible.

    There are 5,000 available each day and it's first-come, first-served, so go quick if you want this freebie – when we checked on Tue 8 Sep, all codes for that day had gone by 1pm.

    You've got until shops close on Sat 12 Sep to claim it in-store (find your nearest Greggs), or until all codes have gone, whichever's sooner.

    How to get the free sausage roll

    • Download the free My Vodafone App – or update to the latest version.
    • Click the 'VeryMe' button to access a list of available offers and select the Greggs deal.
    • Go to your nearest Greggs and when there, click the 'Get deal' button to access your code – you can then show it at the till.

    If you don't fancy this yourself, you can gift your code to someone (via WhatsApp, SMS or email) by selecting 'Send Gift' in the VeryMe Rewards app. If you do that, you won't be able to use the code yourself as it's one per account.

    For more eating out or dining-in offers, see our Food & Drink deals.

    • To get Vodafone VeryMe rewards, you'll need to have a Vodafone pay monthly or small business contract, or if you're a pay-as-you-go customer you'll need to have topped up £10 or more in the last 60 days.

  • Vodafone 'VeryMe' free movie rental (norm £5)

    Vodafone 'VeryMe' free movie rental (norm £5)

    For yourself or you can gift it to a friend

    If you’re a Vodafone mobile customer with its VeryMe rewards app, you can rent a free movie (norm £4.99) from entertainment company Chili until 11.59pm on Wed 19 Aug. You'll have the option to use this freebie yourself, or if you're feeling generous, you're able to gift it to a friend or family member, regardless of which network they are on.

    To gift the offer, you just need to open the VeryMe app and tap 'Send Gift'. You'll be able to send the offer via text, email or WhatsApp. Once the recipient has received the offer, all they'll need to do is follow the link to claim their film rental. 

    Vodafone says anyone with the VeryMe app (Android/iOS) can get this deal. 

    • Vodafone customers will not be able to redeem their reward once it's been gifted to someone else.

      You will have 28 days to start watching your movie wherever and whenever you want. After the first play, you will have 48 hours to complete playback. 

      Who can get the VeryMe rewards app? It's available to any pay monthly or small business customer, plus pay-as-you-go customers who have topped up £10 or more in the last 60 days.