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  • 40p off Dreamies range

    40p off Dreamies range

    In-pack coupon for pet treats inside Whiskas cat food boxes


    If you buy Whiskas cat food pouches, look out for the boxes with a sticker saying 'coupon inside' to get a coupon for 40p off Dreamies cat treats valid until 17 Jun 2020.

    We've seen the stickers on Whiskas gravy poultry 7+ packs in Asda* for £3 each, just be sure to pick a pack with the sticker on.

  • £1 off Whiskas wet food pouches

    £1 off Whiskas wet food pouches

    Magazine coupon for Tesco only


    Pick up the September edition of the free magazine from Tesco (find your nearest*) to get a coupon for any Whiskas wet food pouches 12 x 100g on page 3, valid in store at Tesco only until Tue 1 Oct