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Dump Sky and iPhones, struggling homeowners told

Thousands are to be warned by banks to forget their TV subscription or buying an iPhone and instead focus on their mortgage

31 August 2011

More than £215m in PPI claims already paid this year

Compensation paid to victims of PPI mis-selling has soared since banks admitted defeat in their bid to block payouts

30 August 2011

BT to hike landline costs

The hikes, which take effect on 3 December, will be the third set of rises BT will have implemented in 14 months

30 August 2011

Escape BT contracts & beat price hikes

Millions of BT customers will be hit by price rises in December, but there's a loophole to escape contracts for a cheaper deal, penalty-free

30 August 2011

Guest Comment: Beware dodgy online product reviews

Many of us use online reviews to judge products but one digital marketing expert says they are open to abuse

29 August 2011

Had travel insurance auto-added? Make a compensation claim

Many holiday firms automatically opt you into travel insurance, which is against the rules. So try to get your money back

26 August 2011

Council tax benefit could drop 20%

The Government has released proposals for a new localised council tax support scheme that could leave many getting less

26 August 2011

EDF and Scottish Power in fixed energy price war

EDF and Scottish Power are engaged in an energy price war to bring some much-needed positive news for households

26 August 2011

Chelsea's top 10-year fixed mortgage that comes with a catch

Chelsea Building Society has launched a market-leading 10-year fixed rate mortgage but experts warn it may not be suitable for all

26 August 2011

Mobile phone apathy costs users £100s

Millions of mobile phone users have never switched provider so could be missing out on huge savings, a report claims

25 August 2011