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Last minute Serenata Flowers cancellations see lovers let down on Valentine's Day

Some loved-up couples have been left frustrated after major flower firm Serenata cancelled a number of Valentine's Day orders at the last minute

14 February 2012

David Cameron vows action on car insurance costs

The Prime Minister is today hosting a summit to discuss ways to bring down soaring car insurance premiums

14 February 2012

'I'm on benefits but I'm no scrounger'

Negative headlines about benefits recipients being scroungers are common. Ross Goodall, forced to claim due to a rare tumour, hits back

14 February 2012

Inflation dives as economy put on 'negative outlook'

Hard-pressed families felt some relief last month as official figures revealed the rate of inflation fell to its lowest level in just under two years

14 February 2012

Couples should do it together on Valentine's Day (to save money)

We're often asked for our top Valentine's tips, and the simple answer is couples save if they do it together

14 February 2012

Citizens Advice to gain after MoneySavingExpert wins trade mark battle

Citizens Advice will benefit after a claims firm which cold-called people, using a similar name to us, paid damages

13 February 2012

UK economy growth forecast slashed

A leading business body today cut the UK's growth forecasts but believes the economy will narrowly avoid recession

13 February 2012

25% think first date voucher 'makes him a keeper'

As Valentine's celebrations start, nearly 85% think it's acceptable to use a 2for1 voucher on a first date

10 February 2012

Sainsbury's food label switch could save shoppers money

New labelling from Sainsbury's which aims to encourage people to freeze more food could prevent unnecessary waste

10 February 2012

'Dear Chancellor, don't cap mortgage lending'

There could be a cap on what mortgage holders can borrow as a percentage of their property. Mortgage guru Ray Boulger thinks it's a bad idea

10 February 2012

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