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Ed Miliband attacks high pension charges

Labour is planning to turn its fire on pension companies which rip off their customers with excessive fees and charges

13 July 2012

Avoid the blocked card holiday nightmare

Many holidaymakers will soon be jetting off for the summer, find out if it's worth letting your card provider know

13 July 2012

A payday loan could cost you a mortgage

Lender GE Money will not approve a home loan application from a borrower who took out a payday loan in the past 3 months

12 July 2012

O2 network problems 'over' but what about compensation?

Millions of O2 phone users were unable to use their mobiles after parts of the network went down

12 July 2012

Sky to raise TV and call rates in September

Sky, which recently signed a deal to shell out £760 million-a-year to screen Premier League football, will raise prices

12 July 2012

Lloyds TSB and Halifax customers report internet banking problems

Many Lloyds and Halifax customers can't log into their online accounts this morning

12 July 2012

Over-75s' nest eggs 'shrinking'

The long-term retired are having to 'knock lumps' out of their nest eggs just to get by, a new report has found

11 July 2012

Budget airline Wizz Air to charge for hand luggage

Wizz Air will trial a €10 fee on one of its routes, which could become standard in future

11 July 2012

RBS boss: I'm sorry, and here's how we'll put things right

RBS chief Stephen Hester apologises for the IT meltdown that hit millions of customers, and explains the redress process

10 July 2012

Exclusive: NatWest and RBS reveal refund process following IT meltdown

The RBS Group has today explained the full reclaiming process for those hit by charges or lost interest

10 July 2012

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