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Travel insurers told to treat holidaymakers who've had a drink fairly

The Financial Ombudsman Service urges travel insurers to be fair when considering claims where people have had a drink

23 September 2014

Ofgem to investigate 'misleading' energy firm letters

Ofgem is launching an investigation into how energy suppliers communicate with customers in debt

22 September 2014

Ovo Energy top, Npower rock bottom in MSE's latest energy poll

Almost 80% of Ovo Energy users rated its service as 'great', while 9% said the same of Npower

22 September 2014

Government gives Sharia-compliant student finance the go-ahead

The Government has confirmed it will introduce Sharia compliant finance for university students

19 September 2014

Weaker pound puts brakes on falling petrol prices

A stronger dollar and a pound 'weakened by the Scottish referendum' have halted falling petrol prices, says the AA

19 September 2014

Flogging your old mobile? Don't miss out on an extra £80

People looking to cash-in their old mobiles could find themselves up to £79 out of pocket if they don't compare prices

19 September 2014

Doorstep cancellation rights reinforced following landmark court ruling

The legal right to cancel 'doorstep' contracts has been reinforced following a landmark Supreme Court ruling

18 September 2014

Flight claim on hold? Supreme Court reveals update on airlines' challenges

The Supreme Court says a decision on whether to grant the airlines' appeals should be made by early November

17 September 2014

This little piggy went to the energy market, but is Oink any good?

Oink has today become the latest provider to join the energy market, but you can get cheaper tariffs elsewhere

16 September 2014

Contactless payments scheme launches on the London Underground

From today millions of people will be able to travel on the London Underground using contactless payment cards

16 September 2014